When you know, you know. When something permanent has shifted within you and you have let go of some deeply limiting belief, everything becomes very calm around that former belief.

The movement away from a way of thinking that no longer serves you, can be a complex process. There may be many layers and complexities to traverse, as you release yourself from this limiting belief. It may even seem that when you've freed yourself from one aspect of this belief, that you then discover another that is just as impacting.

Yet when that moment comes when you finally declare: 'I'm done with this, it's over' there is a calmness that descends. It's not a throaty rallying call to the universe, demanding change - though that too would be a part of the process of releasing. Rather, it's a simple knowing. It's a truth, that has now made itself known to you.

There is a sense of no going back, and that nothing will ever be quite the same around that former belief. This is because it no longer looks, sounds, or feels like you, for you no longer identify with it. The truth is, it never was, you, only something about yourself that you believed into reality.

As you step into a new reality where you're affirming and honouring yourself naturally, you now see there's no resistance. There is no pushing against, no reacting to that trigger if or when it shows up again. There is a simple refuting.

'This is no longer who I am. This no longer serves me. '

Because when you know, you know and knowing doesn't need to convince, preach, force, push or defend. It simply IS. If you're in your process of releasing from a limiting belief, watch how you respond when that trigger shows up.

Do you go into frantic forcing or pushing mode against it?

Do you feeling super-emotional or defensive?

Are you plunging headlong into misery or depression because it's showed up?

Are you unable to filter your thinking and step into a more present and aware state around it?

These are all clues for you to take note of.

These reactions indicate where you're still seeing a limiting belief as you. It is not you. It is something you have believed into existence by identifying with it. You have clothed yourself with this label or mantle, and are carrying it around like it is yours.

You can probably pinpoint many beliefs you used to have about yourself, that you let go of once you grew in that area. The person you grew into emerged because you decided you wanted to change or improve something around that belief. Perhaps you had a bigger goal that needed you to release the old belief, so you could achieve your ideal outcome. The decision is yours to make, that is the point.

When the decision is made only then can knowing come. It comes in direct relation to how much you're being triggered by an event or situation. This is why a calmer reaction indicates where you are in the process. The calmer you are, the less identified you are with that trigger. The more agitated you are. the more you still believe that trigger somehow defines you.

Watch, observe, look, and see if that isn't so.

Author's Bio: 

Yve Anmore works primarily with conscious entrepreneurs, conscious creatives and spiritual seekers, helping them to identify and shift the fear blocks holding them back from creating a life they love. She has an B.A. in Development Economics, a diploma in print, radio and web, journalism and is a certified workshop facilitator and spiritual life coach. She's highly creative and is an author, poet and talented singer and songwriter too. She's the author of: 'Musings On the Path' A powerful sharing of the Path of The Open Heart: Through the medium of essays, articles, poetry and even modern-day parables.