As this new year approaches, I am sure their are a million different things I can write about. The idea would be to give you value and ideas to help you jump start 2010 in the right direction. But I am not going to do that.

To keep adding value without one taken action is a lost cause. It amazes me time and time again to listen to everyone this time of the year.

"Oh this is my year, this year is going to be so different for me."

This one is my favorite:

“I can't wait for 2009 to be over with, what a horrible year it was.”

Question is, why was it a horrible year?

* Did you not accomplish what you wanted to?
* Did you do anything different to make changes in your life?
* Did you learn something new and useful?
* Did you challenge yourself, to stretch and grow and it was hard?
* Was money tight?

Those questions are questions people ask when they react to the challenges in their life. So easy to blame the year, which leads to blaming your boss, blaming your job, blaming the current president, blaming your life away like you have no chance to make a difference.

Why will 2010 be any different if you start it the same way you finished 2009?

When are you going to wake up people?

The reality is this; most of you would spend $700 dollars on a brand new HDTV before you would on a seminar that could expand your view of this world and help give you the tools to forge ahead and drive through some of those challenges. So now you can numb the pain of not living the life that you deserve by drowning your feelings in watching other people face the world challenges. Why are shows like the biggest loser so popular? Because most of us would rather watch someone else face those difficult challenges than face them ourselves. Where you can be at this time next year is a lifetime from where you are now if you do something about it. Don't just say you are going to lose weight, get a trainer. Don't just say I want learn a new skill and research it online, find someone who is doing it and join their class. Don't just say I want to hold myself to a higher standard, go get a coach to take you to the next level.

The moral here is this: you must be proactive in life. If you want change you must embody it, and the way to do that is not by saying it. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!

You can not play the game of life sitting on the bench, you have to get in the game. You don't want to wake up one day and realize that there is only 2 minutes left in the game of life and your time is running out, then it is to late. Take care god bless and Happy New Year to you all.

Remember be positive, be real and live your life In The Zone.

Author's Bio: 

David F Muraco is a Professional Certified Life Coach, Motivator as well as host his own Blog Talk Show called "Coaching In The Zone." In 2004 he founded "In The Zone", a business dedicated to empower people reach their goals. To contact David, email him at or visit his website at