In any group or team sooner or later there will be a conflict that arises. This is not a bad thing at all. People disagree and if presented and handled properly it can be very productive. Great ideas or learning from different perspectives can happen from disagreements. However at times it does cause a little conflict.

There are ways to deal with this:

1. Let people verbalize their feelings and have that be known that is fine. Have them address the situation that is causing the emotion. State what the solution might be and this is something that should always be part of the discussion.

2. The discussion should be about resolution, about solving.

3. Look for the things that can be agreed upon. Start thinking about actions plans that will get everyone moving forward.

4. Make the focus about going forward and not living in the past. About correction for the team or group.

5. Have everyone use logic instead of anger. Anger usually means that everyone is stuck.

6. Make sure notes are taken especially with the plans, goals, and actions to be taken.

7. Use respect for all team members.

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Liz Cosline

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