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What? When is less, more? Less is more when that more is more satisfaction, more joy, more money, and more of all the wealth you can imagine, and more. Where wealth is defined in the online seminar I do with participants as "an increase in anything that is important to you." Anything! Wow! That sure covers a lot. It sure does. How about, anything! Okay, now what's the catch? The catch is, in order to experience this more, you are going to have to give up a lot of nothing. What nothing?

The nothing of anger, upset, makewrong, judgment, opinions, assumptions, frustration, resignation, and more. The nothings that we make all up. Every bit of it. You have to give up the more of nothing, to get the more of something. The more of nothing are all the things you have burdened yourself with, that no longer work for you. The stuff that we make up! How do I know that you want to give them up? You're upset over them! And your desire for success. The more of something are all the things you now choose. The stuff that we attract through our attitudes. Sounds like an easy rule, does it not? It does, because it is.

Think about this process of giving up all you do not want and receiving all that you do want, in this way. We have to give up our illusions, where illusions are defined as that which is real, but temporary. In this case, what's real are our opinions, frustrations, and upsets, and yet they are not permanent. They're illusions, because eventually we will give them up, if not now, then when we die. It's inevitable then, that all that nothing that we are holding onto, won't hold onto us. So why are we holding on to it, then? To be right. To prove something about how unfair the world is. To be correct that "life is tough" or whatever we have been trained to maintain, that no longer serves us. Well, that never served us, not really! Not for our success, at least. Now may be the time to train to sustain, to sustain us, and our dreams of success, love, and joy.

And the reason why we suffer so much in this process? We suffer whenever we are playing the lie game, and not playing the "tell the truth now, tell the truth later" game. In this lie game, our minds feed us feelings of anger and then tell us simply through our repetition of them, that they will lead us toward something. They will! What they will lead us toward is more of nothing. Negative feelings will always lead us toward more of nothing. More and more and more. And more. Always. And it's their persistence and repetition that gains them their foothold in our habits. Now just may be the time to exercise our real power, and that would mean to repeat over and over again, and to practice, over and over again, that which will gain us our wealth.

You know the drill, we all do. Seek out that which supports you, and do it, and do it now. Then, keep on doing it. The seminar I offer could be the means for you, it works for your success every time, but there are a thousand, no more than that, a million more ways, one of which will resonate completely with you. Take up what resonates with your good, and then do it. In this article I am purposely not providing that many "how to's" because that is not the purpose of this work. The purpose of this work is to inspire "you to" not how to. And it's that inspiration that is lacking in most people's lives, not the means, methods, tools, and techniques. That's also what's so frustrating for people when they have picked up so many self-help courses, booklets, journals, and on, and on, and then did not find the inspiration to continue on with them within those methods.

They did not "find" the inspiration to continue on, because that inspiration isn't out there in a book, seminar, or movie. You don't ever "find" inspiration, you generate it. And the only place you can generate something from, is you. That's the nature of inspiration! To in-spire, or to breathe out from within. That would be, from within you. Nobody ever breathes "for you" and nobody ever will. Nor should they. My favorite quote of all time that came to me one day and in that bright moment, changed my life completely is "Success isn't what comes to you, it's what comes out of you." And a lot of what comes out of you would be . . .inspiration! To keep on keeping on. KOKO!

Good. Now we know what we're holding onto, and now we know why. Now what? Now is the time for all good men to . . .give all that nothing up. Now is the time to learn how. How to give up nothing in order to do something. And that's exactly what is taught over the course of the thirty weeks I work with people. It takes thirty weeks because if you think about it, how long did it take for you to gain all the knowledge of how to do what doesn't work for you? Years! The good news is, with this new training, you can unlearn that stuff in a matter of minutes, literally. What takes time is the practice of it in situation after situation. The same kind of practice you had to do when you learned what you now practice. How many upsets did you have to have, or have you had, in the practicing of "how to get in your own way and stay there?" Oh, a few thousand I would say, if you are a normal human being. And we're all normal. Normally, crazy! Every one of us.

But that again, is the good news. Because if we know what we are, and we know what we're doing, now we can choose to apply the "how" to that mix, and then become who we'd like to be. Who we are and what we're doing are just two places that we have to come from, in order to get to, who we would like to be. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less, than this. And especially, no more meaning than this. We aren't "bad" for being where we are. We aren't "good" either, for wanting to be someplace else. We just, in either case, are. So all that nothing is just the platform we're going to launch our new selves off of. No more meaning to any of it than that. In this long series of articles, the practice necessary to do that launching into our success has been outlined several times, with keys and components made available to you time and again. And again, this is the simple rule that will aid you more than anything else: The time to practice these tools and techniques, is right now, and the place to do that is right here, right within whatever circumstance you now find yourself within. And what about that circumstance you are currently within? It's the best opportunity you have ever had, to generate your inspiration from. Ever! You go!

So the question to ask yourself is: Are you willing to give all that nothing up?

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ a thirty week online seminar designed for your success. www.onepennymillionaire.com

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