Everyone likes to get to the point where going to and being at work is comfortable. People like it when they know what to expect and they know the people they are going to encounter with pretty much the same things happening. It feel grounded and fairly calm or at least secure. Everyone knows their jobs and the day goes along pretty much the way it has gone along before. There are smiles and chatting with not much different than many of the days before. A nice uneventful routine that starts to repeat itself. Running well, right? Perhaps it is but still be mindful as a manager and take notice.

Is the day too routine? When you look around is there more chatting than usual? Though the work is getting done is there new distractions than happened before? Perhaps a discussion started that almost everyone seems to get in on. Maybe you as the manager notice that even you get in on the discussion and time passes. When a customer arrives is there a slight slower pace in taking care of this customer? Not dramatic but a more laid back attitude. Just not the crisp or sharpness that once was so evident. Now none of this is usually on a conscious level. Instead this can occur when people are so familiar that a little bit of boredom is setting in. Any job where the goals are continuing to be met lacks challenge.

Regarding the communication in this scenario means that new goals have to be set. Maintenance of the workforce has to be done. Just like a sports team, it is the next game that has to be won even though it is the same game. What needs to be understood by all, is that to the customer it is their first time or few times seeing the company. To the customer it will almost always be new. The impression the employees make each and every day is the one the customer sees for the first time. So though it may be familiar to the employees, looking at work as what they do is always for a new customer, often changes perspective.

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