Action Idea: Set aside some quiet time today, to allow you to walk into the future, where you can invest some time to explore and discover, exactly what you would like to experience when you get there, one day? After uncovering all you desire, pack a suitcase filled with all these pictures of possibility and bring them back to today.
Have you got any idea how your future will unfold? What picture do you hold in your mind about what you would like to have, do and be? As it is extremely unlikely that you will exceed your own expectations, dare to dream really big dreams, about what is possible for you.

Now bring that suitcase, which will be brimming with all the incredible future possibility, opportunity and pent up potential, back to the right now and begin to unpack and sort through all the wonderful possibility you have seen. The ability to visualise the future, is a wonderful gift, which only serves you if you use it to create the future you deserve.

Ask Questions
As you unpack your suitcase, which you have brought back from the future, keep asking this question “Is the picture, which comes to mind, as I explore each possibility, aligned with what I believe success should look like”? If it is not then have the courage to put it down and keep sorting through the suitcase, until you discover all the future possibility, which is aligned with your definition of success.

The pictures of possibility, which remain after carefully sorting through all of them, form the foundation for creating your vision for the future. This view of what the future holds for you, can now be crafted into a vision statement, which will both inspire you and offers you direction, so that you can create a set of meaningful goals or milestones to guide your journey through life. Vision gives you clarity, direction and defines your purpose. Use this simple concept described above and you can create a meaningful vision, which will transform your life.

Build a Vision for the Future
My experience has shown that, clarity of vision, meaningful goals, a commitment to take goal specific action daily and consistent measurement of your progress, will ensure that there are far more times filled with success than challenge.

Using the pictures, you have brought back with you. Begin to construct a crystal clear vision for your future, one which embraces all those incredible opportunities and possibilities you have seen. When you do this you will finally have all you need to finally realise your unlimited potential.

Your Vision gives you Clarity

As you already know, life happens whilst you make other plans. In other words the winds of circumstance blow on you in a never ending flow, which inevitably touches your life in very unexpected ways. By clarifying your vision for the future, you have clarity about the direction your life will go. It does not mean that you will not encounter any challenges along the way, but the clarity of purpose will help you to quickly mitigate or eliminate them altogether.

Things happen to all of us.

As you can imagine, your life is not different from everyone else’s life. Everyone encounters challenges, opportunities and threats and many other circumstances, as they travel down the path towards the success they desire. We all experience disappointments, victories and everything else in-between, the only thing which separates the super achievers from the herd is their resilience and ability to never allow challenges to overwhelm them.

Things will sometimes feel like they are falling apart and at times, despite your best efforts. They will also at times, feel like, no matter what you do, you just can’t put a foot wrong. The secret to success is to accept that neither the positive or negative events in your life will last forever.

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