In the current era, home interiors and design markets are in extensive demand for high-quality, affordable furniture. In India, Markets of wooden furniture has grown substantially on a large scale with heaps of margin within a single decade.

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However, The customers in India demand for magnificent quality of solid wooden furniture, also they give less preference to the furniture that is inexorably costly. This motivated the birth of distinctive types of wooden furniture in India. One of these, popular in demand is Sheesham wood furniture as it is competently affordable and lower in price in comparison to Teakwood with replicable quality.

These days every individual is looking for the best available e-commerce sites to purchase comfortable and affordable wooden furniture online. Also, numerous companies serve the finest grade of online furniture.

What is Sheesham wood?

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Sheesham wood or splendidly known as Indian Rosewood is a deciduous rosewood tree that is mostly found in the Southern Iran and Indian sub-continent. Pre-eminently, it is found growing naturally near the river banks between the elevation of 3000 feet - 4300 feet.

A rich timber is classified from the rosewood, which can be traced from the trees of the Dalbergia genus. A highly durable, strong and heavy rosewood defines a rosewood brownish in colour with rich grain patterns and dark veining. In India, a Sheesham tree has a life of at least twenty-two years, which can rise up to thirty meters high and can widen up to one or one and a half meters.

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Indian Sheesham tree fabricates wood is recognised for its density, legibility, heaviness, natural rich grains, and strength. Comprehensively, Teak wood is considered slightly stronger than Sheesham wood. However, Sheesham wood is most common in Indian as it is efficiently affordable by a diverse crowd of various classes in India.

For making Sheesham wood furniture, always a prime-quality of wood is preferred. However, these days with the embark of online furniture a low-quality Sheesham wood online furniture is sold which is degrading the real definition of Sheesham furniture.

Places where Sheesham wood furniture is found

Primarily, Sheesham wood which is extensively known as rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo (binomial name) is pre-eminently found in various parts of India and after that it is the manufacturing of furniture starts from the native place and is supplied all over India.

Andhra Pradesh

What Is Sheesham Wood

Sheesham tree is planted widely in the Southern part of India - Andhra Pradesh. It is grown along the roadside and the canals near the industrial belts under the overhead lines up to the altitude of 1500 meters. A prime grade of Sheesham furniture is like bed, sofa, table is produced from the canals of Andhra Pradesh.


Dalbergia sissoo

Dalbergia sissoo is naturally grown in Assam alongside the river bed in the Himalayan tract. Also, it is planted in some wide premises of Assam on alluvial soil from Indu to the Himalayan valley. Due to the major producers of Sheesham wood in Assam, it is the most customary wooden furniture in natives with affordable prices and efficient durability.


Seesam tree

Sheesham tree is splendidly known as ‘Seesam tree’ in Karnataka. Earlier, it was a naturally growing tree alongside the river banks and plains of Bangalore. However, due to deforestation and unabated smuggling has raised the concerns of environmentalists. After that, Sheesham trees are planted along the Terrans and plains of Southern India.

Also, Sheesham tree is currently extensive as a street tree in Bangalore; you can find numerous Sheesham trees along the roadsides in the capital city of Karnataka to produce an extensive grade of rosewood and manufacture the stupendous quality of Sheesham wood furniture.


timber tree

Sheesham tree is the second largest cultivated timber tree in Bihar, after teak. Dalbergia sissoo is planted along the canals and roadsides. It is pre-eminently used as a shade for the tea plantations. Bihar is the second-largest producer of timber in India and the largest manufacturer of Sheesham wood furniture in India, with a distinctive variety of strong and durable furniture of different styles used for home interiors.


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Sheesham tree is called an afforestation tree in Gujrat because it is used as a source of afforestation in severely hot, wet or cold tracts. Sheesham tree is grown naturally only in very few parts of Gujrat; elsewhere it is planted mostly alongside the wet tract of Western ghats to produce an adequate quality of Sheesham tree furniture.


sheesham tree in Punjab

Sheesham tree is the state tree of Punjab. It is an extensive and paramount timber in Punjab and is grown naturally also the river banks and field areas. Also, it is planted along the roadsides and alongside the fields to retain the shadow for other crops. Sheesham wood furniture is the splendid used furniture in Punjab.


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In India, rosewood is considered as a premium wood and is therefore in vital demand for home interiors. There are ample quality brands that serve sofa sets, dining tables, centre tables, beds and much more of Sheesham wood and have a good market of online furniture.

However, various brands blindfold the customers on the name of online shopping by bartering low-quality furniture as Sheesham wood furniture and replicate its glance by colour polishing.

How to take good care of Sheesham wood furniture

Taking paramount care of Sheesham wood furniture is significant in different ways. It is foremost to keep your Sheesham wood furniture away from direct sunlight as is applicable for other furniture as well.

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This mechanism assists your furniture to stay lustrous and stay consistent with its natural colour for a longer period of time. It also assists your furniture to stay strong and circumvent wrapping and cracks on the upper body of the furniture. Sheesham furniture should always be cleaned or wiped with a damp cloth instead of wet cloth. Moreover, always remember to wipe in the direction of grains.

This keeps the longevity of your furniture and avoids cracks on the upper surface of the furniture.
Apply beeswax at regular intervals of three to four months in the native direction of grains to keep your furniture shining always.


Sheesham wood is extensively known as rosewood in India is a high-quality wood embarked on manufacturing strong, dense, durable and affordable furniture which is produced from Sheesham tree splendidly known as ‘Dalbergia sissoo’ in India. Sheesham wood is most contemporary in India because it is efficiently affordable.

It is found in various parts of Indian and also available for online sales on e-commerce sites. Taking good care of Sheesham wood furniture is also a must.

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