Basically, furniture removal is the act of removing furniture from a place and relocating it. This is carried out by movers; movers are the people you see with moving vans and trucks. Moving furniture is much more than just picking a chair and putting it into a van. It is a series of activities that all build up into one final action which is furniture removal and they will be discussed below. These are the processes that go in between the loading phase and transporting phase in the whole moving system (packing-loading-transporting-unloading-unpacking/set up). These processes are;


Taking inventory of the items you have, how much time they will take to disassemble and prepare, and what can be prepared in advance of your move. For instance, the beds may not be able to be taken apart before moving day but your office desk could be. This is absolutely necessary for a smooth and organized furniture move. Improper planning may lead to waste of energy and time. For example, on the moving day, you discover that the cupboard you came to pick up doesn't fit the doorway, that day might just end up being a total waste.

Measure Doorways and Hallways

Before they start moving furniture out of your old home, they make sure that everything will fit through all doorways(this will avoid the scenario above), hallways, elevators or stairwells. Sometimes furniture can be moved without disassembly, but for large pieces, like wardrobes or couches, there may be a need to remove doors before trying to move them. Generally one good rule of thumb they follow is to always keep furniture in one piece if first, it will fit through hallways and doorways, second, if it's not too heavy to lift and move, and third if by keeping it in one piece it won't get damaged during the move. For instance, we always remove table legs before moving a dining room table as the legs are fragile and we worry that they may break during the move.  Once they know the furniture that needs to be taken apart in order to move it, the next step is to get the right tools and equipment. 


Getting the Right Tools and Equipment

Selecting the right tools that will be needed to disassemble any legs, table tops, doors or frames is important because the main aim is to carry out the disassembly as neatly as possible to avoid damage. Have plastic sandwich bags (or larger) on hand, along with a permanent marker. For table tops and table legs or any pieces that are valuable or fragile, make sure you have furniture blankets and packing tape that can be used to wrap and protect these items.


For your house removals, we prepare the furniture pieces that require disassembly . These set of furniture will be the most time-consuming. They remove the parts that can be removed. In particular, table legs, glass tops, shelves or bed frames. They disassemble one piece at a time, save the nuts, bolts, and washers in the plastic bag. They also write on the outside which piece it belongs to and which tools are required for reassembly. This helps to make the process orderly.

Packing all "packables"

Packing involves the removal of all furniture, hardware and anything that can be transported whether for your home or office removals. Here anything that can be packed into smaller units are taken care of. Things like pillows, napkins, pillowcases etc can be put into plastic bags and moved easily.


Wrapping and Protecting Fragile and Valuable Pieces

Here, packing blankets will be used to protect fragile pieces of furniture. They are thick coverings used to protect large items when moving. The packing blankets help keep furniture clean, protects furniture from shifting while it's being transported. It makes it easier to move heavy items. It also prevents legs of furniture from breaking. The packing blankets are the super tool for furniture safety.


And finally,

Loading the furniture

This is the stage where the furniture is moved into the moving van which takes them to either the new site or a storage facility. Heavy duty equipment like moving dollies, hand trucks, E track straps e.t.c are used. U wouldn’t want to use your new Alfa Romeo 6c for this move else you will end up fixing your new car. 

Now, for someone who likes to take on challenges, you might think you have what it takes to do a proper furniture removal. Frankly, that may be rather unwise. Furniture moving is a highly strenuous task. Trying it all by yourself without proper knowledge and equipments may definitely result in errors that may cost more than what it would take to hire professional furniture removals. 

Here's what you get when you hire professionals instead,

They are licensed and experienced movers who are trained in packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. Not only do you get them to help with packing, you get the whole moving package.

You get to save time and save yourself from the stress of all the activities. This is what the movers are qualified for - to take the painstaking time and stress in delivering an excellent job. Imagine having friends help you do this instead; there's always the chance that trouble will show up. They may not show up in time to help or they may not just be as serious as you are with the move. But that can't happen with professionals. They are paid for their work and they deliver excellence.

No matter how bulky the items are, the experts are trained and equipped to relocate your furniture in a safe and secure manner. Their use of proper equipment and vehicles help achieve this. Only professional movers make use of high safety regulations to ensure that your valuable furniture or items do not suffer any form of damage during the relocation process.

And in the event that your furniture may be damaged under their care, there's always insurance to back it up!. 

Amongst many, the level of expertise, the use of latest equipment and insured vans, the safety and insurance for losses you get when using professionals is more than enough reason to consider leaving it to the experts. Hopefully, when you get to that junction, you would make the right choice. I hope this article was helpful.


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Moving is an experience that can be fun and easy if done properly, this is why the importance of a professional moving company cannot be overstated.

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