Oman cuisine primarily uses the native plants and animals that could survive in the tough, arid, desert climate. Hence, it is simple and rustic. However, the gradual infusion of Lebanese and Indian cuisines made it exotic and diverse. Today, Indian food in its original version is also very much popular not only amongst Indians who stay in Muscat but the native population as well.

Why is Indian food popular in Muscat?

One reason is, of course, the large population of Indians in the city. However, it is not the only reason. People other than Indians equally like Indian food in Muscat. That’s why you can see so many Indian restaurants or restaurants that offer Indian cuisine. Foodies are crazy about the taste, aroma, and vivid colors of Indian dishes. Some things that make it heartthrob are:


Yes, Indian dishes are quite simple to cook. Still, they are so tasty; experts say that it is possible to cook these dishes by following the steps. Anybody who has the basic flair of cooking can prepare Indian food without much difficulty. Hence, in Muscat, several restaurants offer Indian food to satisfy their customers. They serve breakfast items, snacks, main course dishes, and desserts that bring the genuine and authentic taste of India.

No other cuisine in the world is as diverse as Indian cuisine. The country is vast, and every 100 miles, there is a change in taste and style of preparation. Southern and Eastern India and West coast are known for using rice as the staple food whilst the entire Northern and Central region is noted for wheat as the main food. Not just rice and wheat, but there is a long list of grains grown in specific geographical regions. The taste and preparation of Indian food are influenced by the major crops grown in the specific part of the country. While a major part in the country follows vegetarian food habits but seafood, meat, and fish are also eaten by a considerable population in India. People from all regions and states of India have got settled in Muscat. Hence you find a wide range of hotels and restaurants there.

Why is CafeT is the best place for Indian food?

CafeT is an amazing place in Ghala, where you get the perfect Indian food platters. This vegetarian food joint gives traditional dishes but with a special twist. Are you searching for a place that should give you a complete experience of Indian cuisine? If yes, then there is nothing better place than CafeT. From seating arrangement to interiors, and coziness to taste; everything is just perfect. If you think about the versatility, variety, and richness, then the Indian cuisine is the undisputed topper. At cafeT, every color of Indian cuisine shows its vibrancy. Whether you want to have a marvelous meal or light snacks, delicious sweets or refreshing beverages, you name it, and you get it here. Every dish is made to order and leaves you in the ultimate delighted mood. Not only dine-in services, but CafeT also offers takeout as well. Nowadays, it is not possible to get success in the business unless you have an online presence. Everyone wants food delivery at home. You can browse the menu and order your favorite dishes online. The food will reach your doorsteps, fresh and steaming hot.

India is a country of various cultures, traditions, and religions. It is the reason there is a whole array of cuisines in Indian food. Using the same ingredients and spices, people of different states can prepare dishes that taste amazingly different. At CafeT, chefs have covered the diversity, variety, and tongue-tickling flavors of Indian dishes up to the best. They bring a panorama of Indian delicacies made using intricate ingredients. So, why to miss the taste of the food cooked by your mother and feel homesick when in Muscat? Pick up your phone and order the most Indian food!

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A part of the colossal Al Tasnim Group, this little enclave in Ghala is a pure vegetarian restaurant that offers authentic Indian food in Muscat with a unique twist. If you are looking for a compact space & some much-needed quality time with family and friends, this is the place to go to.