If you understand where bedbugs come from and how they spread, you will be doing yourself a huge favor to avoid problems with this unwanted pest.

There are 3 main reasons why you should worry about knowing the answer to this question, Where do bed bugs come from?

If you answer “NO” to these three questions, then this topic really matters to you:

1. Do you want to share your bed with the bedbugs?
2. Do you want to have bedbugs in your house?
3. Do you want to feel its "nice bites" ?

If you need something more compelling, consider the fact that bedbugs don't suck at anything. They don't care about your age, your sex, a clean bed or a dirty room; Your own house or a hotel of any category, - they do not care - they are just looking for an opportunity to hide and get delicious food.

I hope I am giving you enough arguments to keep you reading.

The role of hotels

By now you've surely heard that hotel establishments with high customer turnover could be a major source of bedbugs.

If you suddenly discover a bed bug problem at home, they will quickly ask you if you have been traveling recently and / or stayed overnight in a hotel or hostel of any category.

Check the hotels before going on vacation

In recent years, different websites have been created to help you with this topic, especially the most useful is to read the comments of other customers who have been in that hotel, as it will help you not only to have a clear idea of ​​the type of establishment which is, but to know whether or not there is presence of pests.

The most important thing in case other clients mention the presence of a pest is to know when it has occurred and if the problem has already been eliminated.

Today the vast majority of websites for booking accommodation include customer reviews and opinions.

Checking for bedbugs in your room

Early detection is essential to prevent bedbug bites to clients and the spread of the infestation. Hotel staff are increasingly trained in these tasks and most have the advice of a specialized company. On the Internet you can find a lot of information on how to detect if there are bedbugs in your room.

We do not intend to take away your desire to go on vacation: the objective is simply that you are more attentive to this topic, avoid unwanted bites and prevent you from taking these bugs to your homes.

The role of vintage and second-hand furniture

Did you know that second-hand furniture can be a source of problems? Many people wouldn't consider them a risk, but they really are.

1. When buying second-hand headboards or mattresses, inspect them carefully.
2. Even rugs or upholstered furniture like chairs or sofas.
3. Also check the bedside tables or cabinets.

The role of transportation

Different means of transport play a fundamental role in the spread of a bed bug infestation, from trains and buses to even planes. However, it is difficult to find statistics about bed bug control on public transport, unlike the hotel sector, which has been proactively taking both preventive and control measures for a long time.

How do bedbugs spread?

Unlike other parasites, such as fleas , bedbugs do not need to jump in search of their victims, they just come out of hiding and bite you at your resting place.

There are many ways that this parasite can spread from one room to another, from one hotel chain to another, or from a hotel to your home.

The luggage

I think most people are aware that their own luggage is responsible for placing bedbugs as the best "hitchhikers" in the world!

How to avoid becoming an accessory to its spread

1. Don't put your suitcase on the bed - you could make it a victim!

2. Don't leave your luggage on the floor - put it on the special raised stand in every room and always keep it closed! Bedbugs are not only in bed and their surroundings, rugs, baseboards or plugs can be their shelters from which to board your luggage.

3. Hang your clothes in the closet rather than keep them in drawers. Don't give bedbugs a chance to hide their eggs in your pants pocket!

4. Keep luggage in the bathroom - it may sound a bit strange to you, but it's based on the behavior of bedbugs. Bedbugs do not like smooth, polished surfaces as they hinder their movement. In this way you are putting a barrier between your luggage and the bedbugs.

Last Words

Despite everything you're reading in this article about bedbugs, most mortals in this world have never encountered or suffered from them.

The scientific research on these insects is immense - you can see the case of this couple of biologists who were bitten 180,000 times as part of a study - and both new products and new techniques are continually being developed to slow the advance of this emerging pest.

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As the name indicates, bed bugs are often found in close proximity to beds. They are attracted to and feed on warm-blooded animals to survive.