When getting ready for the IIT JEE all the students start enthusiastically but once time passes by, they lose their interest. They get distracted with a number of other things that deter them from achieving their goals. You must therefore make sure that you keep track of all such distractions and deviations from your original plan.

It is important to know where things go wrong as far as IIT JEE preparations are concerned. When you know the areas that could turn out to be problematic, you are bound to be better prepared and bound to correct the most common and increase your chances of success with JEE.

One of the areas where things go wrong with many people is that they fail to find the best institute for IIT in Thane fast. They keep screening their institutes for too long without finalizing. You need to select the best coaching institute but that does not mean you should go on an unending search spree to select your coaching institute. You must set a deadline before which you must select your coaching institute or else you will find yourself wasting a lot of time in the screening process.

Another area where things go wrong is with the outlook of the students. Once they join an institute that offers the best IIT coaching in Thane they tend to think that joining a reputed institute will automatically give them the best results and guarantee them the seat in the JEE. This however does not happen. So if you are going to relax once you join a coaching institute, then you are making a huge mistake.

There are a few other areas where things could go wrong with one’s preparation. Not taking a focused approach would put you in a disadvantageous position. Every day should be planned. You must have a long term plan, weekly plan and an overall preparation plan. Many do make such plans but in terms of execution of those plans, they fail. What is the point in making a timetable that you do not follow? This is a major problem area and you must ensure that you do not make such mistakes.

Most of the students start their preparations immediately after their Class X exams. This is the best time to start your preparations because you will need that kind of time for your preparations. If you are going to wait until you complete your Class XII exams then you are definitely making a mistake. So let this not happen. If you are planning to join the JEE and if you are in your Class X then, you must start looking for your JEE institute already so that soon after your Class X exams you could join the coaching academy.

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Now that you know where most often things go as far as your JEE preparations are concerned, you take a highly measured approach and avoid all the mistakes that people normally make.