Poverty consciousness is the belief that there will not be enough for you. This could be food, money, attention, or any number of things, but it manifests as a fear of lack.

There can be many reasons that you suffer from these beliefs. Many of the people alive today were raised by a generation that went through a war, or wars, and there was a genuine lack of food and products. This collective consciousness of deprivation can run through generations until it is worked through. If you then consider that we have been at war since time in memorial, and how much of the population genuinely lived in poverty until very recently, it is highly likely that poverty consciousness came with us when we were born.

The second major reason for poverty consciousness is that you took a vow or made a promise in a former life. Many religious orders demanded a vow of non- materialism, and there are many other reasons why you would have sworn to poverty in a previous life. This could include using your power to gain money or wealth deceitfully, stealing, oppression or simply using your power for the wrong reasons. Either way, if you came into this life with an unresolved vow or promise, then it would be a good idea to find someone who can teach you to cut your chords to that energy, or find a way to resolve it.

Thirdly, if you suffered any form of deprivation in your childhood, either emotional or physical, you will have underlying beliefs that you do not deserve the good things in life, and this equates to poverty consciousness. If you find yourself countering every wish with "That will not happen for me", there is a good chance that you need to work on deserving to have abundance in your life.

The fact is that we can see abundance all around us when we choose to look. Is there ever a lack of air, or water? (except in certain circumstances, but for the majority of us, these are plentiful). Is there an abundance of rain, snow, sun, grass, trees, birds, or children? Poverty consciousness will have you thinking that there is not enough for you, and recovery from it is a change in perception. You can choose to see that the world is abundant. You can expect your needs to be met, and you can act as if life is full of promise. When you start to do this, abundance is drawn to you effortlessly. Choose wisely.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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