Energy. It is something we use each day. Some of us use energy wisely. Turning off the lights when we leave a room saves 10 to 20 percent on your electric bill. If using dimmer switch it may save more. Fuel-efficiency driving can save your car as much as 30 percent in vehicle maintenance and gas.

But there is an energy that is even of more value than our natural resources. It is our Life Energy or the energy that comes from our bodies. At times the way in which we live is counter-productive. The media teaches us almost subliminally to move faster. Fast food is delivered to us in a matter of minutes. It is hot,fatty and delicious. But studies such as the Children's Hospital of Boston and The Harvard School of Public Health have discovered in a survey that children who ate fast food increased their calorie intake by 187 per day MORE than children who did not eat fast food. This gives account for an estimate 6 pounds of weight per year. The study was administered for a term of 4 years.

PRWEB.COM reports that the way fast food is processed, it robs us of important vitamins,minerals and essential amino acids which are necessary for healthy growth. The preservatives,dyes and artificial flavors can cause obesity,diabetes,heart disease and severe depression. The reason moguls such as McDonald's,Burger King and Taco Bell do this is to make MORE money by giving consumers LESS. If this is bad for children who are young and energetic, think of what it does to adults who are in their 30's 40's and 50's. The years when our bodies go through serious changes which affect our energy and overall health.

The human body was DESIGNED for doing amazing things. If we blindly follow the trends or the MEDIA and ignore our energy levels (which tell us a lot about the condition of our health) we will end up with complications that will not only affect us but future generations.

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David Wayne Thompson is an actor,artist,writer and author. He currently resides in New York.