Some cities might not seem the most romantic place on earth, but every destination is a good destination to make a relationship or marriage work if you know the right places to look!

Let's consider a few examples, like Dallas which might not seem that great but still have some pretty cool places to go on a date.


Here are 3 perfect places for a romantic date in Dallas

Mitas Hill Vineyard

Want a date filled with wine?

If so, then the Mitas Hill Vineyard at Vineyard Hill Lane in McKinney should be at the top of your list of choices.

In the center of Colling County, this Vineyard is on a first come, first serve place with open seating.

You can either sip wine with delicious wood fired pizza – it’s one of the best food items on the menu excluding the wine – or take a tour around the vineyard. Both of these activities are sure to help make wonderful, long-lasting memories.

Lava Cantina

Want a party to celebrate your love- perhaps a anniversary?

Lava Cantina is a fantastic venue to host your party. Give them a call that you want to host a party there and they will manage everything. Their food is just as great. Moreover, they even deliver food to any location the party is held.

Scribble Cakes

Call Scribble Cakes if you’re thinking of throwing a unique party. The hostess will arrive at your doorstep (if that’s the decided location) with baked cakes and lots of whipped cream so that you can design your own cake.

Get creative and design your dream cake full of sweetness.

Bribie Island

Bribie Island in Australia is a pretty average place for a date but if you look in the right places you will also find some pretty cool things to do. For example, Bullcock Beach is a great romantic place to go!


Tucson in Arizona is another unlikely city being in the middle of the desert for a date night but there are tonnes of romantic things to do in Tucson like eating delicious Tex-Mex food - yum!

Anywhere is a good date if you know where to go! Don't make the excuse of losing your relationship over missed opportunity!

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