Where is the Good News?

A World With Little Imagination and Aspiration Surrounds You!

Arm yourself – The time is nigh to protect yourself and all that you hold dear.

There is no better investment right now than investing in yourself and your skills and capabilities.

The times we are now experiencing make me want to break out into a tune of,“Where Has all the Good News Gone? Long Time Passing… Where Has all the Good News Gone? Long Time ago…”; sung to “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

Look at the TV News. Where is the good news?

Look at the Newspapers and Magazines. Where is the good news?­­­­

Talk to people. Listen to what they say. Where is the good news?

When was the last time you heard of people counting their blessings, or stopping to smell the roses? Seldom, if at all. I am sure that some of you have established pockets of steadfast optimists. So remember that this is not a message for everyone. If it is a message for you, you will know.

Sure, you can buy into all the bad news, along with the negative people and populace around you. Don’t forget the media and all of their banter on how bad things are and how it is doomed to get worse. Think back. When did that attitude ever motivate you out of your situation?

If you already have invested in our training, think of this as great information to rally yourself into further action, to put yourself into a powerful attitude that allows you to thrive. If you do not have our training yet, then you really should pay attention to what I am sharing with you.
What are you doing to combat the negative information that is shoved down your throat daily?

Here is an example of what I am talking about (as if it isn’t clear enough). In the evening of June 19th, there was an earthquake in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, of 5.5 on the Richter Scale. Even though it was the largest earthquake there in over 100 years, 5.5 is hardly worth mentioning. Since nobody died (except maybe the guy that fell off his stool laughing), it was hardly newsworthy.

The nature of the news media is outrageous, bordering on blasphemous, in their capacity to dress up this current non-story by revisiting several old stories of earthquakes and tsunami calamities of deafening proportion; from the earthquake in Brazil, to the tsunami in Indonesia, on to the Earthquake/tsunami in Japan, and even further on to other events that killed millions of people. All of these reports were pulled out of the closet once again to cause some type of reaction – a stir that “something”, an earthquake, hit Melbourne.

Where is the good news? Where are the blessings…?

A Beacon Shining Through the Dark Fog of Night – the Media???

We are currently experiencing a “TIME” in this world where the media could really shine a path to the salvation that so many are looking for. But the dark dreary path makes for much bigger news. It should make you wonder why they would report on something like sports. Let’s take a walk along the statistical path. In team sports, it is a 50/50 split – one winner and one loser; that’s fair. (Watch out for the soccer fans when there is nil/nil draw – Ouch!)

Now to fill in the rest of this data, I will be stepping on some toes. I don’t really want to do this, it is just part of the process of learning. Sometimes the learning process discloses things that you do not agree with or feel comfortable about. Some people will claim that I am just shallow. Sorry, no room for that in statistics. I don’t even need to talk about the injuries to show you what it is about.

What about Track and Field, Golf, and other individual sports. Well, in these sports there is only one winner against the field of losers. We can usually see there are 2nd, and 3rd place winners. That gives the media a little more to report. But as we all know, they will mostly talk about the winner; not the runner up (loser).

Therefore, the sheer nature of sports, even in the most positive reporting, is naturally inclined in the negative, statistically speaking. No, I am not picking on sports. The origins of sports express the natural drive for people to overcome their foes. That is also referred to as war. And yes ‘war’ is the origin of the more formalized event called sport.

Besides teaching you something that most people will probably never give a second thought to, I have also given you a living example of how to line up the facts and see how the mechanics of the media and economic machines are at work. Of course, here is a little play on words. Think of “mechanic” meaning the Spin Doctors of media.

Does “objective reporting” still exist?

A) In books?

B) Old “Wives’ Tales”?

C) For Gullible People?

D) None of the above.

The spin doctors don’t like it when someone reveals how they unfairly affect the populace – the “mob”, and their style of persuasion. They can even be retaliatory. [So make sure to spell my name and training correctly when you report on me, otherwise I can give you another story how the media cannot spell correctly. Go ahead, give me publicity!]

Here is the underlying principle as to why I am running you from point to point, topic to topic. The point is YOU should be just as fluent with information. Just think what the world would be like if we all raised our intelligence by just 10%? The results would be truly amazing! Oh…, the solutions that would be developed to solve the world’s problems as fast as they were created, maybe even faster.

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