Yeah you have been working on having a better life but it seems like you
are getting nowhere. Why could that be?

Part of it is plain old biology. The way your brain it set up you avoid
the problem. This is what we have come to call the denial circuit. You
want to do something like ask for a raise or ask for a date or walk over
a high bridge or just point out that the food you ordered is wrong. The
closer you get to doing it the more emotions come up and finally you
decide to avoid the problem.

Boom you get a rush of relief from not having to deal with the problem
and there you have it. You have rewarded yourself for not getting what
you want. There is a lot of brain chemistry behind this but I am not
going to bore you with it.

Over time it gets easier and easier to avoid doing things. Now you don’t
need anywhere near the amount of emotion to get the reward of not asking
for what you want or doing something that needs to be done. So you don’t
even think about asking for a raise or for a date. You just think about
it and make up and excuse why you should do it right now.

After a while you don’t even think about it. The process becomes
automatic. You say things like ” I get distracted” or “It is not
important to me” or I’m too busy” or “I am too old now” or “I have other
things that are more important.”

Now you have created an invisible wall that makes you feel good about
the excuse you have made and is biologically rewarded by your brain.
Even if the wall was not invisible it would be so far away that you
would never bother getting near it.

Now you know you have this problem and you decide to overcome it. Off to
the book store you go for a stack of books all leading you in a million
different directions. One says walk on hot coals and all your problems
will go away. Another says to amp up powerful positive feelings and bust
down that wall. Yet another says that if you try to over and over and
over again that you will get used to it and be able to break down that
wall. Even another says that you have a little man in your head that
runs things and that man is confused. Then we get past lives and age
regression and new age philosophy bundled up together. Then you discover
it is not you but it is your unconscious mind and if you hypnotize
yourself you can magically reprogram it.

Now not only do you have an invisible wall, you have a a ton of clutter
in front of it. Why do I know this. I did the SAME THING! I tried them
all to the point I was not sure if anything really worked or even worse
that I was so screwed up that nothing would work. I had some stuff I
wanted to improve but by the time I went through the self help jungle I
was feeling really messed up.

This is why we came up with the 3D Mind and why it does not include any
of the things mentioned. We wanted a clean process that made common
sense. It is based on how the brain works. We started from scratch. We
took all of the stuff we have “learned” and tossed it out the window. We
asked ourselves a few simple questions.

What if there is no such thing as an unconscious mind?

What if going into the past didn’t give us any answers?

What if the brain was not a computer and was more mechanical?

Well if there were no unconscious mind then there was no second level of
our personalities that was sabotaging us. So hypnotic processes to try
and get answers from something that was not there was useless. There are
no other “parts” to you. It meant that all problems were conscious
problems and that is where the answers were.

If the past did not give us any answers then why bother with it? Why
torture people by having them sort through every miserable experience
they ever had trying to find a REASON for their issue? If there is no
“originating event” then why bother searching for one? That meant that
all problems exist here in the present. Whatever you think happened in
the past is unreliable and another brick in the invisible wall. A reason
makes us feel good.

Finally, If the brain worked more like an engine than a computer then
reprogramming world not fix a problem. Finding where it was broken would
allow you to perform the way you were made to perform. This meant we
needed a completely different way of finding where the problem was.
While studying the brain we learned that it is very mechanical. There is
a structure to it.

Time and time again I heard “I want to change my working strategy” or ”
I want to change my eating strategy”. Yeah I had learned that too and I
learned that trying to force a new strategy on a weak foundation never
worked long term.

Instead we looked at structures. Everyone’s mental environment has a
structure. Beliefs are dependent and associated to each other. Remove
one belief and the whole environment changes. When one changes they all
change just a little. This environment it the filter we see the world
through. It filters all incoming information. If you are insecure and
someone does not react to something you say then the filter interprets
that information to amplify bad feeling about yourself. This happens
even thoug the person you asked something of must just have not heard you.

If you example the philosophy of each belief you end up running in
circles BUT…If you realize that each belief need emotional fuel to
exist then you know how to change it more easily. These emotions had a
structure as well. Some were stronger than others and like a formula
they had to be just right to keep the belief alive. The 3D mind is based
on changing this structure. When you change the emotional formula you
change the belief then the environment changes and the filter is different.

The only way to get there is to run straight into that invisible wall.
You can’t make changes while avoiding the wall and hoping that you will
first feel safe and then approach the wall. The problem is that you are
already safe. Avoiding the problems has been rewarded and now you have
to ignore that reward and define what ti is you want to do. Find what
really gets in the way instead of your favorite excuse.

That means you have to ask yourself some questions.

1 What if the reason I have been using for not going for what I want is
not the reason? What else would be there to stop me?

2 What if all the information I gathered to justify this problem was wrong?

3 What if I knew nothing and tossed out anything I thought I knew about
the problem or where it came from?

If you can do these three things then you are ready to find the
invisible wall. Much of what keeps it invisible is that you think you
already know where it is. So you blindly keep hammering on one direction
and never allow yourself to discover something new about yourself.

If you keep cluttering your mind with a lifetime of excuses and
rationalizations then your wall will stay invisible and nothing we can
create will help you. This is why when someone new gets the 3D mind and
I hear ” My problem is X”, I know I am in for a rough ride because
before anything will work I have to convince then that what they think
they know is much different than finding the real problem.

When you are ready to find the wall with this mindset then you will be
able to use the personal change effectively.

You feedback and questions are welcome.


Author's Bio: 

Tom Vizzini runs with Kim McFarland. Together they have created amazingly simple methods of self improvement that are easy to learn and get immediately measurable results. Over the past 12 years they have taught thousands of people in 100 countries this technique.