In this article we will make an effort to determine the various sources from where you can purchase the modafinil medication. Before we find out how we can get this medicine let us know more about this drug and its use. 

What is modafinil? 

Modafinil comes under the brand name of Provigil. It is a medicine that medical practitioners prescribe to various patients. They are people who suffer from illnesses that are associated with sleep. Such diseases are narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder. This medication plays a vital role to make sure that there is an increase in their wakefulness. 

Get in touch with your doctor and get a prescription to buy Modafinil Tablets

Who uses this drug?

Due to Modafinil's wakefulness-inducing quality many people use this drug. Infact, many students use it to excel in their academics. In a similar fashion there are many working adults who utilize this medication to increase their productivity. However, the most vital information is that this medicine comes under Schedule IV of the controlled substance act. This act states that the acquisition or use of this drug is illegal in the absence of a valid doctor prescription. 


What aspects should you note before you decide to take Modafinil? 

The things that you should keep in mind before you take this medicine into consideration are as follows: 

1. Find out whether Modafinil works for you 

It is important to find out whether this drug can work for you or not. It is a potential treatment for various sleep disorders. The main benefit of this medicine is that it not only helps you stay awake but also restores the sleep cycle. Therefore, this medicine can be a good choice if you suffer from sleep related illnesses like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, etc. Similarly, you can try your luck with this medicine if you have tried various sleep therapies and medicines and they have not given you satisfactory results. 

During an appointment session with the doctor he or she will walk you through he benefits and drawbacks of taking this medicine. If you find the discussion satisfactory then you can take the prescription from the doctor. 

2. Verify your insurance coverage options

There is a wide difference in the price of modafinil. A one month supply of modafinil might cost you roughly around a 1000 dollars. Therefore, it is inevitable to find out whether your insurance provider covers this medication or not. You can contact the provider of your insurance coverage directly to understand the summary of benefits that you get. This will assist the physician to determine whether or not it is safe for you to use this medication.

3. Consider taking an opinion of a qualified physician 

Schedule an appointment with a experienced and qualified physician. The doctor will ask you questions that will help him or her try to understand your medical history and health. The doctor may ask about your lifestyle , your smoking habits, history of the usage of drugs, the current medicines that you use, etc. A discussion of your medical history in entirety with your primary care physician is of great significance. Do not keep anything from your doctor even if it is a scheduled dental procedure. On the basis of your answers if the doctor finds them to be satisfactory he or she will prescribe the drug.

4. Share an in-depth medical history with your physician 

It is important to share an in-depth history of your health conditions. This is because there are certain physical and mental conditions that do not go well with this drug.

You should avoid modafinil if you face the following problems : 

  1. A history of drug abuse 

  2. An addiction to alcohol

  3. History of Manic episodes 

  4. Depressive episodes in the past

  5. A history of psychosis 

  6. Pregnant mother 

  7. Breast feeding mothers

5. Avoid mixing your medication 

If you use modafinil with other drugs it can lead to undesirable results. For example drugs like apixaben, darynavir are not prescribed along with modafinil . Therefore, if you use any medications it is advised to inform the medical practitioner about it.

6. Be aware of the side effects 

The side effects of modafinil include physical problems like headache, nauseousness, anxiety, lightheadedness, etc. One might also face mental issues like an alteration in mood, disorientation, etc. If you experience any adverse effects of this medicine it is essential that you sort medical advice. The doctor will take the needful steps to make sure that you enjoy the best of health. 

Where can you buy Modafinil? 

There are various ways in which you can source this medicine . Let us understand these options one by one 

1. Buy from a local drug store 

You can pick up this medicine pretty easily from any medical store. This medicine is available in all major pharmaceuticals. However, you will have to make sure that you have a prescription with you because as discussed earlier you will not get this medicine over the counter. It is advisable to go to the same pharmacy every time because it will make things more convenient for you. If you take other medicines along with modafinil you should also take it from the same pharmacy because this will help in times of side effects due to drug interactions.

2. Order online 

If you do not want to buy Modafinil in a drug store the other option is to buy it online. There are numerous online websites that sell this medication. However, it is important to check the following aspects before buying this medicine online : 

  1. The website is secure with a certification like https 

  2. It has a proper license to sell medicines online 

  3. It provides different kinds of online payment options like credit card payment, PayPal , Venmo, etc. These payment options come in handy incase you want to dispute in case something goes wrong

  4. Try to find out from the medicine the source of their medications. This will help you understand if the medication is genuine or not. .

3. Buy Modafinil from a Mail order pharmacy

You may get modafinil from a mail order pharmacy. Your doctor may have the option of calling in your prescription. The pharmacy will than deliver the medicines in the prescription at your doorstep . This procedure may take between 5 to 7 business days. Such pharmacies can also prove to be convenient if you have to take the medicine for a long period of time. This set up will make the Pharmacy familiar with your needs and make things easy for you. 


We hope that this article was able to provide you with a complete understanding of what is modafinil, its uses and ways to buy this medicine.  

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