Every man should know his way around a shirt and tie, but you know you have a true gentleman when he's versed in well designed bespoke suits.
Whether it's for a lavish night out, an executive brunch, or just another day lounging around an upper city loft, custom made bespoke suits grace the closets of the world's most reputable, respectable and undeniably suave of men.
But what makes a bespoke suit truly unique, and where exactly can you buy these world’s best custom made suits? If you’re ready to dish out the cash and put on a little class, we’ve found three of the U.S.’s most exclusive shops that tailor the finest bespoke suits that money can buy.
Anto Distinctive Shirtmaker in Beverly Hills
The Hollywood Reporter dubbed this shop “Hollywood’s Custom Tailor,” for its debut films like Titanic, Ocean’s Eleven, Iron Man, Inception, and The Hangover. Anto’s custom made suits have been praised by Entertainment Weekly, Esquire—even the Wall Street Journal.

Anto Distinctive Shirtmaker creates some of the most spectacular bespoke suits in the entertainment biz, boasting an exclusive past clientele that begins with Frank Sinatra and the Legendary Rat Pack all the way to A-lister Johnny Depp.

If you want to dress like the movie stars, you’ve got to spend like them, too. Custom designed, bespoke shirts start at $325 a shirt. If you’re looking for a more intimate bespoke buy, Anto even puts their special tailored touch onto their custom made bespoke boxers, going for about $175 a pair.

The Oxxford Store, New York
Founded in 1916 by Jacob and Louis Weinberg “with a mission to establish the standard by which all men’s tailored clothing is judged,” The Oxxford Store produces the highest quality custom made and precisely tailored bespoke suits.

The Oxxford Store claims to be the only shop left in America that tailors suits by hand. Some of the world’s most historically profound men could not deny the elegance of an Oxxford bespoke suit—Walt Disney, Clark Gable and Joe DiMaggio all chose the fine quality of an Oxxford custom tailored, bespoke suit.

Their website even offers a step by step manual, titled Anatomy of a Suit, describing in precise detail how they handcraft each of their custom made bespoke suits—from drafting a traditional custom suit patter, all the way to matching the stripes and plaids.

Take careful note: fine quality and technical detail does not come easy. Prices for a carefully crafted, fine tailored, bespoke suit reach up to almost $5000 for a full custom made suit.

Lord Willy’s
If you’re a gentleman with an edge for style, New York-based Lord Willy’s designs and creates custom made bespoke suits for the eclectic kind. One of the newer tailored suit-makers in the business, Lord Willy’s unique style makes it a force to be reckoned with in the bespoke suit business.

Claiming to make only five suits a month to ensure custom detail and fine quality, Lord Willy’s patterns and executes English cut, slim fitting suits paired with bold-patterned custom shirts. Their unique bespoke suit styling landed them in New York Magazine’s Best of New York List.

For the past three years, shop owners Alex and Betty Wilcox, have made America’s most unique designed bespoke suits, with prices starting at $3800.

“From the exquisite fabrics we choose, to the craftsman who execute the designs -- it's all done with precision, reserve and taste,” the Wilcox’s write on their simple, but quirky website.

"The result is beautiful crafted products that bear charm, with and personality."

So if you’re ready to break out of your department store-bought three piece, and join the league of the extraordinary in the world of tailored, custom made bespoke suits, prepare your wallet and your posture: You’ve now made the cross from man to gentleman.

Author's Bio: 

Chris M Vance is the senior trends and fashion spotter for Requisite clothing, a custom clothing design house specializing in bespoke suits and made to measure suits, custom tuxedos and sports wear for both men and women.