A jeweled egg, created for the House of Fabergé, in St. Petersburg, Imperial Russia, is one of the most attractive and beautiful things known today. The first of these 50 eggs were crafted for Tsar Alexander III, today 43 of these eggs remain.

43 of the remaining treasured Faberge eggs are now stored in some of the most renowned buildings across the world. This imperial Egg collection is very known in the world of both art and Russian history. The royalty of these eggs cant be questioned, hence they are very costly. They surely look very precious and beautiful when added to the home collection, that's when the experts stepped in and provided the local people with a chance to add this piece of art to your collectives. Now the Faberge egg replicas are available, although they are hard to find and cost a bit more than what you must be thinking, here we have some of the best Faberge egg replicas Amazon that you can order easily from your cozy bedrooms, on very reasonable prices.

The first on the list is the breathtaking, Swarovski Crystal Blue Faberge egg. This precious replica is made in Russia by AKM, Saint-Petersburg. The beautiful addition of Swarovski Crystals with enamel and Gilded brass adds to the attractiveness of this piece. This Faberge egg comes with a silver stand, with which its height is 4'' (10 cm). This truly designed Faberge egg with a stunning surprise inside is a bit expensive, which is the downside of the decoration piece.

The second best available on Amazon is the Swarovski Lily of the Valley Faberge Egg. This egg is a close replica of the actual Lilies of the Valley egg created by Faberge himself. This is a relatively large unique replica of Faberge egg. It’s handmade in Russia by AKM using Enamel, Gold Plated Pewter, Swarovski Crystals.

Third, we have listed the Design Toscano Alexander Palace Egg, available on Amazon. This egg is embellished with sparkling gems that include brilliant crimson red enamel, faux jewels, and tiny embellishments like the crown topper. This Faberge replica comes with a very elegant hooked ‘feet’ at the bottom that serves as a stand. Although this piece does not have a special effect to it, which results in its reduction of price.

Next comes the most catchy Element Crystal Faberge Egg. This one is covered in sparkling silver gems that catches the light at every angle. It also has magnetic hinges for easy and secure closing. Another advantage of this is its low price, but its crystals are very fragile.

Next we have Crystal Faberge-Style Double Egg, the very different design of this piece makes it very expensive compared to the other eggs. But this cost is very much justified by the fact that it has an egg inside the bigger egg. The outer egg has an eye catchy designing of the most amazing color combination; Blue with Gold. When you open this, there is a similar tinier egg inside it, making it one of its kind. Although we can't be very sure about the quality of this egg as there are no reviews available on Amazon.

Finding a good Faberge egg might be difficult, but with Amazon, it has become very easy to decide from your favorites.

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