Finest Islamic architectures, sprawling open markets, high-skyline towers, antique shops and peaceful gardens, Cairo represents the best that cosmopolitan Egypt has to offer. From Pharaonic eras to Islamic and modern, Cairo has always been an evolving city with an interesting past. The city features numerous historical places but to visit each of them in a short trip might prove to be quite hectic. History enthusiasts can catch a last minute flight to Cairo and book reservations with Turkish Airlines to witness the magnificence of Egypt.

So here we have assembled an interesting list of Cairo’s major attractions that you might want to add in your travel itinerary.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered to be the oldest and the only remaining masterwork of the ancient era. With a height of 481 feet and width of 756 feet, The Great pyramid is the largest of all three pyramids at the Giza arena. This sheer magnificent artwork took nearly 100,000 laborers to accomplish this masterpiece. The pyramid is exceptionally well-preserved and it is surrounded by a number of small pyramids, a burial site, two temples, small mastaba tombs and the Sphinx (a statue of Lion’s body and human head)

The Egyptian Museum Cairo

Constructed in 1902, the distinctive red brick museum has over 120,000 collection of artifacts, but the main highlight is undoubtedly the Golden Mast of Tutankhamen. The 11-kilogram of gold mask is considered to represent the King’s facial features. Other than the mask, the museum also houses numerous artifacts including a decorated chest, jewelry, weapons, ivory and gold bracelets. Mummified remains of Pharaohs are known to be another notable pieces, including the latest discovery of Queen Hatshepsut.

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The Mosque of Al-Azhar

Founded in 970 AD, the mosque earlier heralded 35 scholars specializing in Sunni theology which later turned the mosque into the world’s second oldest continuously run university (now the teaching takes place somewhere else). It was the first mosque to be established in Cairo which occupied an area of 7,400 square meters and also has 5 minarets. Make sure to visit all the 5-minarets and also the Midan al-Husein and Wikala of Al-Ghouri.

Al-Azhar Park

The peaceful Al-Azhar Park features lush sprawling gardens, burbling fountains, stagnant waterways, vibrant stone work, exotic trees and children’s playground. The park boasts of 325 varieties of plant which are carefully labeled. During night, the park offers marvelous views of the illuminated Mohamed Ali Mosque and the Citadel. The Al-Azhar Park also offers a variety of eateries, including a patisserie, the Citadel View Studio Misr restaurant and several cafes.

Cairo Tower

The incredible beauty of the tower enhances at the dusk, when the monuments are illuminated with the city’s glistening lights, the Giza and the Sakkara pyramids to the west. With a height of 187 meters, the tower is a major tourist attraction, adorned with distinctive design of open latticework, said to resemble the lotus, and is crowed by a circular, revolving observation deck.

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