Wall lights can surprisingly lift up the appearance of your house provided that you know where to and how to install them. Wall-mounted fixtures are very much different from that of the other lights like down lights or pendent lights. One has to keep this difference in mind; otherwise you may end up having a goofed-up interior.

Basically, wall lights are installed to complement other lighting system in the house like chandeliers and ceiling fixtures. You can get general, task or accent lighting with equal effect, because of this versatility they can be used all over the house. You can multiply its beauty by appropriately using it at right place. Before you learn where and how to use them, you must know that there are three types of wall lights – indoors conventional, indoors unconventional and outdoors.

Indoors conventional
If you want your bathroom and hallways to be decorated with lights, install indoors conventional lights, because in these places you don’t need brightness because main lighting is already done with ceiling or tube lights. Foyers in the offices and your living room can be other fantastic places to decorate with indoors conventional as you can complement with your ceiling fixtures or hanging pendent. Similarly, you can have your bed sides, decorative cabinet sides in the dining room and kitchen walls illuminated with these fixtures. Wherever you place makes sure that two fixtures are roughly 60 inches from the floor and roughly six feet wide apart from each other.

Indoors unconventional
Place these lights on each sides of fireplace. This will not provide brightness but will draw attention to the fire area. If you have an attractive mirror in the bathroom you can double its beauty by placing a fixture at least 24 inches wide over the mirror along with two wall lights on each side of the mirror. Keep side lights at least 28 inches apart and 60 inches above the ground. You will surely surprise your guests.

Whereas indoors can be beautified, outdoors can be also brightened with equal exquisiteness. Outdoors lights are a bit different because they are designed to exhibit a little more brightness. So, you can use them on the front and back porch, main entry or backyard doors door and garage to make your home exterior safer and more secure. If you love to party very often in the moon light you can have your pergola in the garden installed with these lights. It will make your garden a perfect place to enjoy party.
Wall lights can be directional or they can emit brightness in the room; they can be reversed and can be mounted for up or down lighting, choices are enormous, it is only that how you place them.

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