The condition of infertility comes as a shock to many a people worldwide and with the current scientific achievements, tackling this situation is none too difficult.

Although the options include adoption, surrogacy or IVF treatment, couples mostly prefer for themselves to give birth to their own child.

And for IVF treatments, the best place to go for is Saraogi hospital within the Mumbai area.

With best in class doctors like Dr. Mohit Saraogi, Dr. Rashmi Saraogi, Dr. Rajendra Saraogi and others equipped with top class equipments.

This IVF surgery might be a bit hard on your pockets, but at Saraogi hospital, the doctors have priced the treatment in such a way that people from every economic status opt for it for a much cheaper cost. For any more information on IVF cost in Mumbai from Saraogi Hospital, click here.

Cost Analysis-

But then one might wonder, the cost of the treatment might be costly at this hospital while on the contrary the cost of IVF treatment at this hospital is rather cheaper as compared to available at other hospitals even after top of the lie equipments like the Andrology Lab, ICSI machine, microscope IVF Lab and so on.

Normally the cost for IVF treatments in Mumbai ranges from ₹1,50,000 ($2100 USD) to ₹2,50,000 ($3500 USD) which can be bit on the pricey side. The IVF treatments at Saraogi ranges from ₹90,000 ($1200 USD) to ₹1,00,000 ($1400 USD) which are almost 60% less than the average rates in Mumbai.

They also have an option of Budget IVF. In this Budget IVF Treatment, the amount of medication is reduced which causes the ovaries to produce half the number of eggs, but are still healthy eggs. This treatment cost ranges from ₹75,000 (1050 USD) - ₹85,000 (1150 USD).

Success Rate-

The doctors at Saraogi hospital and Iris IVF Center have not just treated the IVF related issue but with some overwhelming success rate. The average success rate of the IVF treatment at the hospital nearing 50% which is well over the global average of 30% - 40%.

Procedure of IVF-

In IVF treatment is done with the use of trans-vaginal ultrasound- guided needle to take eggs out. And then they are placed in a Petri dish with specially washed sperms. The eggs are incubated with 50,000 sperms for natural fertilization. And then the retrieved eggs become fertilized with sperm cell and later they become embryos. And then these embryos are then transferred in a uterus.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection):

The main difference between the IVF and ICSI treatments is the way we fertilize the egg with the sperm. Normally in IVF treatment a single egg is placed in middle of 50,000 sperms which have undergone the sperm wash procedure. But in some cases with low sperm quality / count, this method can face failure, in such cases the ICSI method is used.

During the sperm wash, the sperm are magnified almost 400 times, from this pool the sperm is used to fertilize the egg. But in ICSI due to the low sperm count or quality, the best sperm are are segregated. With the help of a device called micrmanipulator, the embroyologist artificially holds the eggs. Then with the help of a needle, the sperm is artificially injected in the egg for fertilization.


IMSI is nothing but morphologically enhanced ICSI. In this procedure, one best sperm is selected and is artificially injected in the egg for fertilization. But the sperm is magnified by almost 6,600 times rather than just 400 times like in ICSI. Normally this procedure is only suggested when there are multiple abnormalities. Only a total of only 5% of all the IVF patients are suggested this method.

Other Advantages-

With the doctors trained and experienced in the field of IVF treatments but also in Gynaecology and Obstetrician, thus making it easier for them to not only help the patient in conceiving but also deal with any kind of problem or complexity that might occur before or after the IVF treatment.

With all the top class equipments and abundance of experience in the field of IVF treatments, the doctors at Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF Center help all those couples’ seeking the happiness of parenthood with maximum positive results.

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