There's no doubt that seafood in the US is a must have menu item for many diners and restaurants. Below are six seafood specials you should try before your time is up. When it's time to write that bucket or travel list, consider these six seafood specials.

Seafood with a Touch of the Old South
Nowhere is there a more exciting seafood experience than in the southern states. States like Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida are veritable seafood gardens of Eden. Alabama has always been recognized as the best place to find oysters, shrimp, and crawfish at its best. Louisiana and Florida seafood specials include Cajun and Creole recipes for seafood that's out of this world. Crawfish etoufee is a delightful blend of cheese, crawfish, onion, garlic, and bell pepper. In Alabama, no late summer barbecue is complete without grilled oysters. These are so popular that grilled oysters are an important menu addition in many restaurants. Alabama chefs add excitement to theirs with a dash of good strong bourbon whiskey and special spices.

Oysters McClellan
It's said when Flora-Bama Restaurant's chefs created Oyster McClellan, a delicious blend of bacon, onions, and melted Gouda cheese, no one expected word of mouth about this seafood special to spread like wildfire. Florida has many unique flavors, and this dish is by far, one of the most telling of this State's tastes and history. Making use of nearby oysters, this is a one-of-a-kind dish that must be tried if you are ever in the Sunshine state.

Raw Oysters
Going a bit more west, Texas is home to many amazing oyster bars like Gilhooley's where you can get an authentic taste of the gulf. Raw oysters have a flavor all their own. Unlike clams that can be somewhat dry, oysters retain that wonderful fresh flavor. If you've never tried raw oysters at a raw oyster bar, add this to the list of seafood specials you should try. You won't regret it. It's a great way to sample the sea on dry land.

Shrimp Creole
No other place quite compares when it comes to sampling this dish as New Orleans, Louisiana. The precise blend of ingredients in Shrimp Creole is why this seafood special ranks in the top six. Perhaps the simplicity of the spices, plus the colorful bright green parsley and green bell pepper added to the thick tomato sauce is the reason this dish is so popular. Get a true Creole experience by checking out any seafood restaurant in the downtown Orleans area.

As you plan your next vacation, make sure you add to your food list of things to try. These seafood specials will work your taste buds and give you a whole new dining experience wherever you decide to go!

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