Retractable banners are the most popular among trade shows. Known by the name pull up banners, they can be easily set up, pulled down and carried. When compared with other banners stands are inexpensive and come in wide range of sizes, styles, brands and levels of quality. So, they are extremely flexible as there is always a model that can fit each need.

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Here are places where retractable banners are used:

Trade Shows and Seminars

Retractable banners are used in many places, most frequently used at trade shows and seminars where a company may attend or two.

Company logo at the Entrance

It can be used as a company logo at the entrance of a meeting room in a hotel or convention Centre alerting the attendees that – this is the meeting of the company or the seminar as the case may be.

Back of the conformance room

Pull up banners can also be used at the back of the meeting room where the Company’s representatives are available to answer the questions and the banners may have some information regarding products or services the company is offering and inviting the passersby to enquirer and learn more about the products or services by having word with Company’s representatives or by taking brochure.

In the podium

It can also be used to have logo of the Company with or without theme on the banner, kept in the podium to create brand awareness as the speaker makes the presentation. Say if the speaker is promoting a particular course for higher secondary students, then Pull up banner kept in the podium may have such slogans- “Confused on what how to proceed – Management courses is the need of the hour”. for custom size banner printing visit

Promote sales in retail environment

Retractable can also be used to promote sales in retail environment, enticing potential clients to enter the booth and get more information about the company.

In local markets

Can be used in local markets by the shopkeeper to inform the prospective consumers about their products and thus allure them to enter the shop.

In the event of product launches

Retractable banners act as the pillar by informing the attendees about the new product, giving information about its benefits, uses and quality. A well placed retractable banner with good graphics acts like torch light that throws light on the core aspect of the event.

In political rallies

Pull up banners are used to highlight the work of the political party and the politician, thus informing the general public the agendas and work that the party has done and will do when elected.

Sporting events

They are used in sporting events, explaining the nature of the event, time and teams that are involved. Say for e.g. in cricket, retractable banners are used to highlight the matches played and the face of the team who is also the crowd puller. With such eye catchy banners, crowds are easily attracted and this in turn elevates the mood of the crowd.

In the School

They are used in school events, informing the crowd about the main theme on which the event is conducted. Say the school is conducting event to honor the students who have scored good marks in boards, then pull up banners mentioning this aspect with a picture of all the students; with their names; marks they scored and the percentages will be showcased near the entrance.

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