What is the thrill lying in mind while playing golf? It is the best shot and the obstacles overcome in time are the prime reasons to get the thrill and joy in mind. When you are a foreigner and have a little knowledge about the golf, you must take a professional training from a pro player. The country where you will not get the same, you need to visit the location where golf is the prime game to them. While golfing, you will also get luxury golf trips to Thailand in its so many destinations.

There no short for tourist destinations in entire Thailand and the golf courses also. If you want to center of touring and playing golf to Phuket, there are so many suggested golf courses. Some of them are described here with ultimate details.

Blue Canyon Golf Club-Canyon Course

This is recognized as one of the best golf courses in Thailand. On the other hand, this course is one of the most popular and reputed courses in Phuket, the most amazing and visiting destination for the overseas visitors.

The course is Thailand’s demanded 18 holes course.

This course is located in the island’s airport. The course was closed for a long time after the inauguration but it was opened after the close in 1991. The course is about 7,179 yards. T the designer Yoshikazu Kato has provided the players all the challenges on the course to enjoy a unique round of golf. If you want to create a momentum period for luxurious golf, this destination must be entertained in Thailand golf tour.

Attractions of the course

You will get a fine rippling Canyon being sculptured by a tin mine. You will encounter the streams filled with the red water of the canyon, which boasts of with its cliffs and tailings from the old mining operations. Along with the towering tall trees matured for years are decorating the fairways of the plain. The well guarded slick Bermuda tiff dwarf greens. They are all ready for the new and pro golfers visiting Thailand on a Thailand golf holiday.

The fine front meanders through the palm oil tree decorate the fine fairways. The real character of the course takes over on the back of the tin mine with canyons and elevations. The great interesting factor of the course is that the 13, 14 and 17 holes are significant as they are prepared in the structure of the canyon and its elevations, and the structure is planned into deep waters. The number thirteen boasts of its grandness and christened as The Tiger Hole. Before the grand hole, there is a one shot distance of 270 yard past and the great canyon, from the black to the green, the hole is built in a legendary format.

On the other hand, after the conquer of difficult 4, the 14th and 3 has a large drop from an elevated town tree down. Therefore, for enjoying a great golf course on luxury golf trips, this course will be great in all perspectives.



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