Type 'Buy Spinning Bike' on Google and you will immediately get hundreds of hits. Finding a suitable spinning bike is therefore not too easy. That is why we summarize below briefly and unambiguously what you should pay attention to when you intend to purchase such a bicycle.

The flywheel
One of the most important parts of a spinning bike is the flywheel. The heavier the flywheel, the heavier you can adjust the resistance of the bike. Simply put, a heavier flywheel offers you more options for more intensive training. In addition, a heavy flywheel also ensures that the pedaling movement feels smoother and more natural.
This is the reason that the more expensive spinning bikes are all equipped with a heavy flywheel. Therefore, determine for yourself whether you also value this or not.

Resistance system
When we speak of a 'resistance system', a rather abstract term, we are actually talking about the way resistance is created during spinning. On the older models of spinning bikes, the resistance is created on the basis of a simple felt block. As this block presses more or less against the flywheel, the resistance becomes heavier or lighter.
In addition to the simple felt block, there are nowadays also spinning bicycles with a resistance system that uses magnets.

The drive of the spinning bicycle is also important to look at. You usually have two options: drive with a chain (just like on a real bike) or drive with an industrial V-belt. The V-belt is generally considered to be better because it produces less noise than the chain. However, a bicycle with such a drive is a bit more expensive.

Not only the hardware of the bicycle, such as the drive, the flywheel and the resistance system, are of great importance. No, the posture and comfort of the bicycle are also essential. If you are not comfortable on the spinning bike, this can cause major problems. Consider, for example, injuries.

Often the power that you provide while cycling is expressed in wattage. For the cyclists among us this will sound familiar. Wattage also plays a role in buying a spinning bike. Bicycles for spinning have a maximum regarding wattage. It is important that this is not too low for you, otherwise you cannot train as intensively as you want.

For spinning it is useful to have click pedals and click shoes. This way you will not slide off the pedals and you can pedal more efficiently. Many bicycles for spiders are therefore equipped with pedals with a click system or with pedals that can be replaced with click pedals. However, some do not. So pay attention to this.

Maintenance of spinning bike important
Just as with your regular bicycle, it is important that you maintain it properly with a spinning bicycle. Since you are likely to get sweaty again, it is wise to clean the bike once in a while. The various components must also be checked from time to time. By doing this you get the most out of your spinning bike and you avoid having to write it off early.

Read the reviews here and look each model carefully. Now everything is in a row, it is pretty clear isn't it? Yet we are not quite there yet. A bike that's reviewed 5 star by hundreds of customers in resent month is definitely better than one that is reviewed 5 star 12 months ago. So read reviews carefully and check all features before purchasing.

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Misty Jhones