Diamond Consciousness in the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius, once sung by the popular 80’s group, the Fifth Dimension, is now upon us, ringing an inner bell that our own consciousness must answer. All of YOU -Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Starseeds and Indigos - whose task it is to ascend in the midst of all the density and duality of the third dimension (i.e. to move from the lower vibration of the collective consciousness into a Higher Diamond Consciousness), are now being called to the Awakening of your Divine Potential and to the remembrance of your inherit mission and Divine Purpose this lifetime. In the amnesia of what I call the horizontal trance of the collective (the unconscious condition of being overly focused on the external world, such that clear reception and connection with the Divine Power Within is restricted), it is all too easy to forget your true identity and the Sacred Quest that you are on.

The Density of the World Can Be Harsh on Diamond Light Beings

Though the high vibration of your Diamond Light Presence on this Planet may be your greatest gift … connecting with your Highest Diamond Potential ...your Passion and Divine Purpose... in a world that often does not “see” you (and in which you may not fully see yourself) can be very challenging and painful, causing a feeling of disempowerment or even depression. In addition, the world is accelerating more every day. With the vibrational frequency of the Planet increasing, the release of third dimensional density and the dying-off of old ways in the collective consciousness is strong. This density can be harsh on the very refined high-vibration Diamond Light Beings that you are … who are serving and healing Consciousness on the Planet.

Maintaining your High-Frequency Spiritual Energy Vibration

As Lightworkers and Energy Healers and Higher Consciousness teachers, our evolution is about attaining higher and higher levels of mastery in maintaining our high-frequency Spiritual Energy vibration, as we are constantly called into greater service. For example, as we attain mastery in holding our frequency in smaller groups, our Soul's Divine Plan moves us into a larger arena. Holding our frequency in different challenges is like weight training for Spiritual Warriors. The more we can maintain intimate contact with Universal Consciousness and the Power of our Inner Wisdom, unspeakable Joy and Diamond Self Within in different circumstances ... the greater our capacity to Serve.

It is sometimes difficult to find the high-frequency Divine Energy fueling that we require physically, mentally and spiritually to stay clear, feel good, hear our Inner Guidance, stay on course with our Spiritual Path and fulfill our Soul's Divine Plan. And even if we can find it…the acceleration of our life and our work often prevents us from finding the time for that hour and a half for Yoga or meditation with the consistency required to maintain Awareness and hold our Infinite Diamond Light frequency. Our high sensitivity needs extremely effective, fast, convenient ways to decontaminate and transmute the toxicity and density that we are dealing with.

Where do you Go to get Fueled with High-Octane Spiritual Energy?

After my collapse and subsequent Spiritual Awakening in 1987, I realized the cost of being true to everyone and everything else in the name of love, except my own Soul. My Life-force was severely depleted and I was heading for dis-ease and depression had I not woken up to what was happening. I see this also happening to many other Lightworkers who are constantly giving out their loving energy in service to others without taking the time on their Divine journey to replenish their own energy stores.

As Spiritual Warriors serving the Planet, you’re holding an incredible space for others in their process of Spiritual Transformation. But, where do you get fueled? How do you hold your vibration?

You need a fast and effective tool that powerfully clears your Spiritual Healing Energy field, transmutes the density of environmental toxins, raises your vibration and brings you back to connection and alignment with your pure Awareness/Presence or Diamond Self Within.... an Awakened Connection that I call Diamond Consciousness.

Diamond Energy Activation Serves Those Who are the Healing Consciousness on the Planet

My answer to this great need is Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology for the 21st century, that offers fast, powerful, and convenient access to your Diamond Consciousness through a revolutionary online phenomenon: the Diamond Alignment Experience. This Diamond Energy Activation, delivered via the Internet, has been developed specifically to support Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Starseeds, Indigos, and all other Cosmic Energy Beings, on the frontier of raising Consciousness on the Planet… offering a pristinely clear high-vibration Diamond Energy field, that you can go to 24 hours a day to be fed, held, supported, rejuvenated, and refueled with the quality of energy you need to hold/support the clients/audiences you are serving …

With Diamond Alignment, you have a place to go that can immediately clear your energy and vibrationally re-align you with your mission … in just 6 minutes. Being held in this Diamond Energy vibration will clear what is not in alignment with the Highest Diamond Potential of your Vision and Service. Working consistently in the Diamond, with just 6 minutes a day, amplifies and dramatically strengthens your ability to not only maintain, but continuously raise your frequency … so that you can do your work from the power of your Diamond Joy and Inner Peace.

The Diamond Energy Activation transmutes toxicity and re-stores your aliveness and natural radiance more quickly and powerfully than anything I have ever experienced … without any effort on your part. It is a Divine Diamond Energy Tool that serves all of us who must work in the public with demanding schedules, as well as the millions who need Divine Intervention to stay vertical in our ever accelerating horizontal world. It’s much more Fun and Effective to do your work when you are in the Flow of Ecstasy and Joy in your body.

A Cyber Calling to Activate Diamond Consciousness Globally

Diamond Alignment World Activation ... Beginning December 21, 2009, I CALL you to join us in globally anchoring Diamond Light and Alignment into our world by accepting our invitation to a 22-day virtual global Celebration of Diamond Alignment World Activation ... a time of Inner Awakening, Activation of Diamond Consciousness and Diamond Energy Healing. During the Celebration,unlimited access to the transcendent 6-minute online multi-sensory Diamond Alignment Experience is being offered for FREE to All, 24 hours a day, through January 11, 2010.

This Cyber Calling of hundreds of thousands of spiritually-aligned beings during this time will help elevate the earth’s vibration at a galactic level, while advancing humans into the infinite possibilities of a Higher Diamond Consciousness of abundance and well -being at the physical level. Diamond Alignment makes Calling the Divine Power into the human experience possible on a global scale. Its Divine Diamond Energy Activation is delivered in a form that millions across the world can access 24 hours a day with no background or training required.

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Joy, founder and creator of Diamond Alignment, is passionately committed to her vision of accelerating a 'critical mass' shift in Consciousness through the global delivery of Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology, offering Diamond Energy Activations. A Spiritual Warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world, Jacqueline Joy uses a new paradigm she calls Sacred Business to deliver the revolutionary online phenomenon of Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide, in order to bring forth Diamond Consciousness and a world where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Freedom, Joy and Equanimity and all beings are living in their Highest Diamond Potential and Divine Purpose. www.DiamondAlignment.com