Where do psychic messages come from? Throughout my years of interviewing psychics, as well as studying world religions, metaphysics, the paranormal, and pretty much everything in between, I have sought out that one defining link, that elusive piece of the puzzle that truly answers where psychic messages come from…and I think I have found my answer.

Now, prior to explaining further, I must clarify a few things. It has been my experience that psychics operate on a different plane than others. Actually, in truth, they operate on many different planes than others. By being able to tap into these other planes, they are able to “listen in” to different frequencies than most. As an analogy, a dog can hear a silent dog whistle and, if properly trained to come to that whistle, they will respond. Psychics are very much the same. In keeping with my analogy, they can hear the dog whistles that most of us walk blindly (and deafly) past. And just as our dog in the example, they must train themselves to know what to do with the noise they hear. In short, these different frequencies allow psychics to reach into realms that, so far, remain unexplained by conventional science.

In my research, I have discovered that Psychic Mediums tend to “hear” higher, more ethereal frequencies, whereas evidential psychics operate on lower, more grounded frequencies. Those that communicate with the angelic realms seem to travel along the same planes as Mediums, and so on and so forth.

Now, what does this mean for potential clients seeking only the best psychic advisors? Well, the most important thing to know is that frequency levels do not dictate accuracy levels. To explain, I have had absolutely incredible, and I mean mind-blowing, psychic readings from both psychics who operate on low frequencies as well as those who operate on high ones. One is not better than the other, it is just different. One plane may be ethereal, versus another that is earthly, yet the accuracy of the psychic messages remains unhindered. To explain, a psychic who speaks to angels to receive information is no better than one who speaks to trees to receive information. All things have energy and if the intuitive is sensitive enough to tap into that energy, the guidance is equal and unadulterated. Of course, the end “test” lies in the intuitive themselves, as they are the conduit for the messages.

Again, throughout hundreds of interviews with self-proclaimed psychics, I have learned much. I have had the honor to meet some of the greatest psychic talents across the nation, yet I have also met some who are still “learning how to respond to the whistle”. There were two, however, that I met who simply blew my mind. Why did they stand out amongst all the others? I’ll tell you why… because they “got it”. They got exactly what I have been writing about in this article. They each operate on completely different planes, and alone, each is an INCREDIBLE (and I do not use that term lightly) psychic. However, together, they are, in my un-psychic prediction, going to take the psychic world by storm.

Shay Parker
Best American Psychics

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Who is this dynamic duo? None other than Cheryl Anne – International Psychic Medium and Allison - The Rock Girl, aka the Best Psychic Team. Folks, there is no better name for these two than the Best Psychic Team because they truly are two of the most talented readers I have ever met. Cheryl Anne and Allison have coined the phrase Above and Below, which is a perfect description of their combined psychic abilities and the spiritual planes that they access.

Above and Below merges heaven and earth, leaving no stone unturned (no pun intended for The Rock Girl) with regards to psychic messages. Cheryl Anne is a very gifted Psychic Medium (as well as many other titles), and has the ability to communicate with angels and spirits that are on the other side. She is amazingly adept at delivering their messages with succinct clarity and detail. On the other hand, Allison, The Rock Girl, has an uncanny ability to tap into the world below, magnificent Mother Earth, and channel the messages she receives from nature itself. Allison is also very gifted in bringing ancient guides forward, often those from past lives.

With both Cheryl Anne's and Allison's abilities combined, they truly do bring you the absolute BEST of both worlds, as well as all aspects of psychic and medium ability. Experience your own Above and Below readings with the Best Psychic Team by visiting www.bestpsychicteam.com.

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