Have you ever known of a person who was frustrated? Maybe even yourself? What was the cause of the frustration? A relationship,finances...a job that could not be obtained?

These are things that you desire. Success.it has different meanings for each of us,a goal that we set for ourselves.I am going to give you a golden nugget you can use and pass on to others!Right now in this moment,You and I can eliminate anyfrustration in our lives & have Success in any endeavor! Please get a notebook!

Are you ready? Ask yourself, "What am I focusing on at this moment? Life is consists of moments. Moments can change your life. Do not focus on what you DO NOT HAVE...rather FOCUS on what you do have! I am a photographer. I love to capture moments in nature and peoples faces. When looking through the lense, I focus on exactly what it is I want to capture!Everything else is out of the minds eye at that moment! If the FOCUS changes, so does everything else!

Try this excercise. Right now focus on what you want,but are having difficulty obtaining. How does that make you feel? Frustrated or sad correct? Now shift your attention on what you already have in your life that you are grateful for. How do you feel? Peaceful,happy elated? That my friend is Success!

Practice this focus excercise three times a day. Morning,afternoon and before going to bed. Like at a gym it takes discipline and making choices so do not expect results overnight! Give the mind and emotions time to understand the process.

You may find new self-esteem and a confidence you never thought possible!

Please contact me if you or a friend has benefited from this article.

Thank you and God Bless!

Mr. David Wayne Thompson

Author's Bio: 

David Thompson is a life coach, actor, artist and singer.