Where To Meet Women

It's Friday night and you and three friends are headed out to meet some ladies. You arrive at your destination, a local dance club only to find wall to wall men. The ratio has got to be at least 80% men, possibly worse. Your odds are not looking favorable.

Despite having just arrived at a sausage fest, you and your mates decide to make the best of it. After drinking two or three $9 beers, you work up the courage to approach one of the few single women in the club. “Sure!” she says, happily accepting your offer to buy her a drink. Fifteen minutes later after waiting in line at the bar which is eight deep you bring her an $11 cocktail.

“Thanks so much sweety!” she says with a fake smile. She then turns her back to you and rejoins her friends. DOH! After two more attempts and being $50 poorer, you decide to call it a night. Fear not though! One of your friends got lucky. After 9 shots and 3 beers, he decided that judging someone based upon their weight is just superficial. Normally I'd agree with him, except when a girl is so large that there is a serious hazard of suffocation when in bed. And due to it being dark in the club, I hope he's not too freaked out in the morning when he discovers her mustache.

First of all avoid clubs, they are by far the worst place to meet women. If somehow you must go to a club, for God's sake don't offer to buy a woman you've just met a drink! That's a surefire way to go broke, fast. Some women actually hold contests amongst themselves to see who can get the most free drinks by the end of the night.

Personally I'd rather meet women where their guards are down like the grocery store or a coffee shop. At least they don't serve $11 cappuccinos at Starbucks. For those of you that are a bit shy about cold approaches, online dating may be a good alternative.

The great thing about online dating is that you don't have to buy them drinks and you can take your time getting to know several women at once. Depending upon your location and what site you're on, there's usually a healthy selection of women to choose from. Unless you have absolutely no social skills, most women will return your email and give you a chance which is a lot kinder on the ego than getting shot down at a club. Your odds online are 100% better than they are at your local bar.

Keep in mind that people are rarely fully truthful in their profiles. Curvy doesn't necessarily mean an hourglass figure and “fitness freak” could mean that they walk around the block once a week while eating twinkies. Always ask for a current photo as the ones posted often are not, and take your time getting to know them via email for a few exchanges before moving on to phone calls. I wouldn't suggest actually meeting someone until you've at least spoken with them on the phone two or three times.

When you finally do meet a woman always go somewhere public. There are horror stories circulating the net about men meeting women through a popular classifieds network. They arrive at a hotel for a sexy rendezvous only to find themselves naked and handcuffed to the bed with two men hiding in the closet. No, those men are not there to high five you after the deed is done. Therefore always meet at a public place first. Keep the date brief, 45 minutes being a good length of time. You don't want to seem desperate.

Great places for first dates are coffee shops where either one of you can escape quickly if it becomes apparent that the chemistry just isn't there. Frozen yogurt shops or fun places like Dave & Busters also work. Any place where you're not trapped for a fixed length of time is good.

When selecting an online dating service be sure to glance through the profiles before joining. Are there likely to be lots of women at the site living in your area? Do the vibes feel good? Would you fit in? How does the site compare as far as cost? What additional perks do they provide?

Whichever site you choose, be sure to exercise caution and try to meet several women before honing in on just one. We host a Lavalife review on our site as well as general dating guides for men which might be helpful.

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Cordell Wallace writes dating dating site reviews at Zewb.com.