“Where were you when the world stopped turning?”
Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and no one knows when the world stopped turning. But, make no mistake, the world as we know it, or as our minds have created it, has changed forever and no one told us it was coming. Or did they?
On that day infamous day in September 2001, whether you believe it was an act of terrorism or an outright Fear Induced Protectionism Paradigm orchestrated by the Mega Elite Cartel based Money Crooks, our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and overall mental mindset changed like no other time in history. Internally, the masses went from a land of hope and opportunity, to a state of intense fear and isolationism. There are many emotions a person can feel but few more powerful than hopelessness and a fear that something is wrong, feeling isolated, that no one can help or understands your situation, but we have entered a time in history where the masses are being manipulated and controlled by a group of elite power centers and organizations. The most alarming phenomenon is that no one seems to know what is choking them but we do know we are slowly losing some air.
It’s quite the paradox knowing we live in world of information transfer from the internet age whereby we can disseminate large volumes of information in a touch of a mouse button or text message but we can’t seem to get a handle on who is pulling the puppet strings on our economy, health care industry, pharmaceutical and banking manipulations. How can a supposed democratic society go from a thriving real estate, auto and investment arena and in a matter of months dive into the largest unemployment rate since the Great Depression of 1929? How can we have trillions of dollars in foreign debt when we have the ability to print money? How can our banking system be given over 700 billion dollars and still not be able to make money?
When a person takes a look back in history and dissects the differences and similarities in democratic, socialistic and militia rule, it becomes very apparent we are headed for a one world order if we do not WAKE UP soon. Let’s take a look at some recent happenings within our socioeconomic environment and see if it resembles a democratic society, whereby decisions and rules and regulations are created for the people and by the people of the United States. The soul goal is to administer sovereign state citizen rights within each modality and limit the reach of big government. This is what the single most important document every written for US citizens (US Constitution) was constructed to do.
Let’s start in the early 1900’s when the Federal Reserve Act was implemented and created in a secret meeting down in Jekyll Island Georgia by a group of Senators, CEO’s of National and International Banking elites, Owners of major oil corporations and a host of other major “money men”. At that point in history, these men accounted for over ¼ of the World’s wealth! Did I mention it was a secretive meeting whereby the men were told to wear masks, travel under fake names and travel separately not to reveal their identities? The last hundred years or so have been nothing but a series of events that have led to a feeling of socioeconomic uncertainty, fear and hopelessness.
In the Pharmaceutical industry we have launched a well oiled drug machine that spits out narcotics, emotional fixers, and blood pressure reducers like candy and the Food And Drug Administration’s rent is being paid by the pharmaceutical cartel elites. There is and has always been a price to be paid to spit out these “experimental” drugs in masses to medicate a nation into isolation. There is a book, entitled “Uncontrollably Numb”, By Charles Barber which outlines one example of how a small town in Iowa has been medicated into submission by a mass marketing machine of unleashing emotional and anxiety inhibitors like Wal Mart issues push carts.
In the manipulated banking industry, Fiat money (money created out of thin air not backed by gold or silver) is pumped into society by the Department of Treasury for the individuals banks and they are given the liberty of loaning out $9 dollars for every $1 in depository money. Wow, can you say usery? They are charging interest on money that was created out of thin air, and then when they decide to lend in sub-prime market where the risks are even greater, if those loans get defaulted upon, the government will bail them out? As to add insult to injury, we now unleash the “credit frenzy” where anyone with a social security number and a pulse can be given a small plastic card to write their ticket to success. I think we have proven this has been a recipe for disaster.
We now can dissect our taxation system. We could go on for hours but let’s keep it simple. Is there a law that a court can show us that “requires” a US citizen to file, pay and report a federal income tax? The answer is NO, but there certainly is a modern day Gestapo that will “force” you to pay or make your life a living nightmare. You guessed it, the Internal Revenue Service. Oh by the way, you might want to research the 16th Amendment to the US constitution which gave Congress the right to tax personal income. Here is the million dollar question? Was it ever properly ratified by the required vote of the states or was it covered up just like the secret meeting down in Jekyll Island Georgia?
Lastly, let’s look at our leaders of tomorrow and the educational system. Are we properly preparing these kids for the “real world”? When do we ever teach on the US constitution and its principles? Where are our courses on money management and wealth creation in Free Enterprise? Why do we teach them to go to school and get a good JOB (Just Over Broke)? Why has there been an increase of over 68% of school beatings and shootings in the last decade? Why have terms such as ADD and ADHD spread like a cancer in our schools?
We are in the midst of the largest socioeconomic shift in society with big government, mega elite cartel centers and the banking industry controlling our thoughts, emotions and decisions. We are in a state of complete isolationism glued to our TV’s waiting for someone to give us answers to this complete financial meltdown. I’ve got news for the masses, the answers will never be revealed on TV or in the media, they are being revealed in a secret society of free thinkers and innovators whereby Free Enterprise networking takes precedence over greed, manipulation and governmental control.
There is a world out there that we all can tap into if we are willing to get beyond our fears that the media and cartel based money gangs have so eloquently bestowed upon us. Networking in Free Enterprise is the key to success for everyone in society. Principles are simple and the motives are not monetary. In order to be successful, you must be willing to change what you think and who you associate with. The best way to help the poor is not to be one of them. There is more prosperity and hope in this world than ever on the internet and networking but we must WAKE UP to our surroundings and realize there is no one out there that is going to protect or help us. WE must take back our god given, sovereign rights to create our own destiny. There are systems, coaches and mentors waiting right now for all of us to get this simple concept. If it’s meant to be it’s up to me! It’s not the challenges you face, but rather your reactions in the face of challenge.

Author's Bio: 

Scott Lifer, born October 7th, 1967.
Founder and CEO—www.wakeupsense.com
Scott is a Professional Speaker in this Mega Information Era educating on “out of the box” investment methods with an emphasis on the only one, true tangible wealth building investment, commodities.
He believes strongly that the biggest impact of the financial collapse and breakdown of our socioeconomic systems is not the money being lost, but the pandemic state of “Isolationism” we all feel in trying to survive in this era.
Scott advocates and teaches on the importance of restoring that “American Spirit” of Free Enterprise networks by helping people get out of that JOB (Just Over Broke), out of the employer-employee top down model and into a system of mentors and coaches that truly want to help us all realize our hopes and dreams.
For more information on Scott and his team approach- log on to www.wakeupsense.com for some invaluable FREE tools to aid you in your search for freedom.