Whether Is the Pelvic Inflammation Transmitted Through Blood?

Pelvic inflammation refers back to the inflammation of female genitals and their surrounding connective tissue and pelvic peritoneum. It is a common gynecological disease. If it isn’t treated soon enough, it is going to lead to the spread of inflammation in various physiological parts and cross infection, and also bring many complications, as well as result in malignant lesions in some parts.

Most pelvic tuberculosis infections are transmitted by blood through tuberculosis foci inside lungs or another organs. The rare and popular ovaritis due to the mumps virus can also be transmitted by blood. The deposition of schistosomiasis eggs in the fallopian tube can be the effect of hematogenous infection. Systemic bacteremia also can cause pelvic inflammation. It could also be brought on by inflammation in adjacent organs or infection in other regions with the body. Bacteria often cause inflammation within the pelvic cavity during menstruation, abortion, childbirth, or through various surgical wounds with the birth canal period. Because of its high incidence, they have seriously affected women' both mental and physical health.

So what harms does pelvic inflammation cause?

1. Infertility. Pelvic inflammation is the most harmful reason for infertility. Inflammation in almost any part from the pelvic uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries or their surrounding tissues, like the pelvic peritoneum, which whole might cause infertility in women. When acute inflammation does not be treated thoroughly, it is chronic, or when pelvic inflammation isn't treated promptly and is delayed to chronic, many times, it causes infertility in females.

2. Nephropathy. Because pelvic connective tissue is associated with retroperitoneal connective tissue which enable it to reach around kidney upwards. Therefore, if acute pelvic connective tissue inflammation is untreated, it can not only spread to oviduct, pelvic peritoneum as well as other organs, causing pelvic abscess, but additionally can spread upwards, resulting in perirenal abscess.

3. Psychological influence. Chronic inflammation could affect normal work and life along with mental and physical health on account of long-term treatment and repeated attacks.

Thus, the best harm of pelvic inflammation to women is infertility. Herbal medicine believes that pelvic inflammatory infertility is a result of stagnation of liver and Qi or invasion of exogenous pathogens, which ends up in uterine blood stasis and can not be conceived. Usually pelvic inflammation could be due to a selection of reasons, leading to the invasion of pathogens into the body of a human. Since ancient times, herbal medicine contains the effect of controlling the interior, improving the circulation of blood and relieving and improving pelvic inflammatory symptoms like abdominal pain and abnormal menstruation.

For example, the herbal prescriptions of radix bupleuri, poria cocos and safflower in fuyan pill possess the connection between clearing heat and detoxification, activating the circulation of blood and removing blood stasis, promoting Qi and relieving pain. They are the basic prescriptions for treating gynecological diseases. The prescriptions summarized through clinical practice are perfect ones based on ancient prescriptions, and possess good therapeutic effects on pelvic inflammation. At the same time, other female the reproductive system infections due to pelvic inflammation may also be cured well, which can take away the root reasons for infertility, thus curing pelvic inflammatory infertility.

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