"I heard that drinking soy milk will aggravate adenomyosis?"

"Can I eat red dates?"

"I'm afraid to eat seafood."

"I've never had sex with my husband since I got this disease."

Patients with adenomyosis have no particular taboos in their diet. In general, it is considered that cold and spicy food will stimulate the body and strengthen the contraction frequency of the uterus, so patients should try to eat less cold and spicy food. Especially during the menstrual period, women should avoid ice cream, pepper, and other foods.

What about patients with adenomyosis who like spicy food?

Some people are naturally fond of spicy food and cannot live without it. For these patients, it is impossible to say that they cannot touch anything spicy. After all, their living habits are there. Therefore, during the nonmenstrual period, you can eat some spicy food appropriately, but during the menstrual period, you'd better bear it and not eat it.

It is said that soy milk and bean curd contain estrogen. So, can patients with adenomyosis eat it?

Soybean is rich in isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens. Theoretically, women having too much estrogen in their bodies will have a specific stimulating effect on the ovary and uterus. The estrogen level of patients with adenomyosis is very high. Therefore, if the estrogen level is higher, the disease will be unfavorable.
But that doesn't mean women can't eat beans. Usually, women can still eat it in moderation. For example, many of us like soymilk. Will drinking soymilk aggravate the disease?

Theoretically, it requires a certain amount of intake to stimulate the development of the disease by drinking soybean milk, which is about 5kg of soybean milk per day for one month! This kind of situation does not exist in real life. There are also red dates. It's OK to eat one or two occasionally. It won't be a big problem. Just don't be greedy.

In addition, seafood is prevalent because of its rich nutrition and delicious taste. However, this food is mostly cold. And cold coagulation and blood stasis will aggravate dysmenorrhea symptoms, so patients with adenomyosis are not suitable for eating in large quantities.

In fact, from the perspective of dietary nutrition, the diet stresses diversification and balance to ensure that all nutritional elements of the body can be supplemented. So it's not that you can't eat seafood, but that you need to pay attention to the principle of proper amount when eating. It's OK to eat a few shrimp on the table. Using chopsticks to taste fresh food is OK, but you can't eat it as freely as your friends.

In addition to the cold and spicy food that needs the patient's attention, there is no need to be too rigid in other aspects.

As for wine, we all know that no matter what kind of disease you get, the doctor will tell you to avoid alcohol!
Whether we get sick or not, wine harms our health. Regarding drinking, patients should pay attention to Baijiu, especially Baijiu with high and robust strength, and try not to touch it, especially during menstruation.

Many women are not as addicted to alcohol as men, especially Baijiu. However, some patients like to drink red wine, and some even want to drink two mouthfuls at night before bed. They have developed the habit for many years. The stimulation of red wine to the human body is not as intense as that of Baijiu. We can drink it in moderation at ordinary times, but it is recommended to avoid menstruation.

Although patients with adenomyosis can not hope the diet will improve their symptoms, they can eat more vegetables, fruits, and coarse-grain foods. In addition, they can also choose to eat more mushrooms and beans. The diet should be light and not too greasy. Stick to low-fat food and eat more grass carp and white fish.

There are also patients with adenomyosis who can eat more oatmeal porridge instead of Ejiao. Ejiao contains estrogen, which is not helpful to human health. But oatmeal can control the disease.

Adenomyosis is one of the gynecological diseases with a high incidence rate at present. And its symptoms are various, which will cause adverse effects on the patient's health, work, life, family harmony, and other aspects. Therefore, adenomyosis patients must go to a professional hospital for examination and take relevant treatment measures after finding the disease.

Observation therapy can be performed for patients without symptoms and with no reproductive requirements. Patients with mild symptoms, fertility requirements, and close to menopause can try drug treatment, but they need to pay attention to the adverse effects of drugs, and the pain symptoms will recur after the withdrawal of drugs.

Nonsteroidal drugs are used for drug treatment. If the pain is more than 5 hours and is severe, take ibuprofen orally to relieve the pain. But be careful not to take too long. Use this medicine in large doses to avoid digestive tract ulcers, liver function damage, etc. Therefore, patients can also choose Fuyan Pill. It can eliminate symptoms and cure disease. Also, even if women take it long, it will not produce any side effects.

Women can also choose surgical treatment if the symptoms are severe and the medication is ineffective.

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