If you want to start your own cosmetic and beauty spa business then you would need various products that are popularly used in the industry. Amongst the different products, the eyelashes are commonly used by industry experts and consumers in the market. The eyelashes help in the enhancement of the facial appearance and makes your eyes look more attractive. There are several eye lash products in the market that vary depending on their specs and manufacturers. If you want to order wholesale eyelashes for your business needs then you must check out the different manufacturers that provide these mink lashes at wholesale factory rates.

Amongst the numerous vendors in the market, the Missangel lashes is one of the reliable brands that provides quality products and is known for its impeccable customer care support. The company has been in this business for a number of years and has the necessary expertise as well as knowledge for making some of the best mink eyelash products in the market.

The top quality 25mm mink lashes provided by Missangel lashes

The Missangel lashes produces a whole range of different eyelash sets and these includes 16mm wholesale eyelashes, 20mm wholesale eyelashes, and 25mm wholesale eyelashes. Here we will be documenting the 25mm mink lashes from the company. The 25mm strip lashes from the company are thick, curled and dramatic plus they are very affordable for the customers. The Missangel lashes provides the most fashionable and popular 25mm mink lashes with the best quality for the consumers. 

These mink lashes are 100% handmade and each pair of these eyelashes has been cautiously designed and manufactured by the skilled workers. Each pair of these 25mm lashes is chic and unique. The 25mm mink lashes are made using Siberian mink hair. The staff from https://www.missangellashes.com/ is responsible for the collection of the hair that drop naturally from the minks thus this ensures that there is no harm or cruelty involved in the process. You also get the most popular designs, large output and best prices on these products.

Get the best 20mm 3D mink lashes from Missangel lashes

The 20mm 3D mink lashes sold by the company are equipped with some of the best features and specs. The wholesale mink lashes from the company are available in the latest styles which are incredibly fashionable. These eyelashes are made from 100% of top quality material which is made from Real Siberian Mink fur and this fur is quite fluffy and vivid.

These products have SGS and BV certification plus they are subjected to multiple QC inspection which guarantees the quality of these lashes. These eyelashes from the company are softer and more ethereal. When you wear the mink lashes from the company it causes no harm to the eyes. The 3D design of the mink lash provided by the vendors provides the lashes with a flattering and fluffy appearance.

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