MCX- Multi Commodity Exchange is the Indian commodity exchange on which trading in precious metals, base metals , oils and gas is done.It accounts for more then 80% of Indian commodity future market. Having some commodities as a part of portfolio along with stocks and bonds helps to diversify risk and cope up with different market conditions in a wise manner. Experts suggestions on mcx tips can be followed for getting more positive trade results while trading in gold, silver and more.

There are various commodities which are traded on MCX, few which are most actively traded are discussed below :

1) Oil

Crude oil is among the most useful commodity in today's world.When the price of oil changes then corporate earnings, value of different currencies, budgets of states/country, GDP, prices of other commodities all gets affected.Traders need to actively learn current news and not only economic news but also political news while trading in oils.Crude oil offers several benefits like raw material, transportation because of which large number of traders, trade in it.However this is also true oil companies do not earn much profit as compared to others like Apple, Google.

2) Natural gas

The largest producer and consumer of natural gas is U.S. After oil, it is the most useful, safest as well as cleanest source of energy .Not only on mcx but it is traded most actively on other exchange like NYMEX, USFE, ICE.When price of gas falls farmers are most benefited from it as their are useful fertilizers whose components are derived from natural gas.


It is preferred by large number of traders and investors and is most liquid commodity among all. By having some gold , a trader has a satisfaction to meet up his future financial goals successfully. It also serves as a hedge against inflation condition. It is never difficult to find the buyer of this particular commodity.Irrespective of the returns gold will offer , in commodity market it is always the first choice of a trader.


Not many people are aware of the fact that zinc is found everywhere even in our daily life.For some industry it serve as a corrosion resistant metals.Traders trade in this particular commodity with an aim of earning higher returns. Zinc has several usage and is used as a raw material for production of different goods.

Along with these there are other commodities as well like copper, lead, nickel, silver and more which are traded on MCX.To become a successful trader in commodity market it is must that a trader is well aware of market updates and is familiar with different terminologies of commodity market. Although trading in commodities and stocks follows a similar process, but it is necessary to understand that every market has its own needs. Market analysts advised mcx market tips, currency tips can be followed if you are unable to generate required return or perform better in market. With good knowledge and experience traders can earn good by trading in commodities.

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