What is Autotask PSA?

Autotask PSA is a business management platform that comes with a range of built-in features including CRM, quote/proposal generation, project management, time & expense tracking, and billing & invoicing. It is commonly used by companies in the IT sector to keep track of their day-to-day business transactions.

VARs, MSPs and IT solution providers often use Autotask PSA to track and manage their project workflows efficiently. It is a fully customizable platform that helps to boost efficiency by automating various business processes.

Ticketing with Autotask PSA is a breeze as it saves a lot of time and effort. It improves internal communication and at the same time increases employee engagement.

When it comes to choosing a PSA system, companies prefer cloud-based solution as it is easy to deploy and requires a minimum upfront investment.

Software Systems that Support Autotask PSA Integration

Did you know that CRM and ERP integration are the most important considerations while choosing a PSA software? PSA implementation is of no use if it cannot integrate with your existing systems.

Software applications that do not have integration capabilities are not easy to handle. They act as standalone systems, which means too much of manual work is involved to import data.

Thankfully, Autotask PSA has been designed to integrate with a wide range of systems. This helps to automate the process of moving data from one system to another. PSA has built-in tools with predefined integration to various systems. It is discussed below:

CRM Software

Many IT organizations that incorporate Autotask into their business integrate it with their existing CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. Autotask PSA integration with CRM offers plenty of benefits. For instance, it automates the bidirectional flow of data between systems, which helps to boost efficiency.

Data available in CRM that includes contact information can be easily captured in Autotask with a single click of a mouse. You don't have to waste time entering data in both the systems. Integration ensures that any new data added is updated in both the systems.

Autotask-CRM integration can immensely help in resource forecasting. With this integration, Autotask PSA gets greater visibility into the sales pipeline. For instance, you can evaluate the chances of winning projects. The integration will allow you to convert uncertain opportunities into projects.

Your sales team does not have to access PSA software to get information related to statuses for a project. Project statuses are automatically updated in the CRM itself. Your team can find out whether the project is active, on hold, canceled, etc., without accessing Autotask PSA.

No switching between systems is needed to access information, hence it will allow your sales team to effectively handle the accounts. An integration system will also help your team to find better upsell/cross-sell opportunities. This in turn will boost your average order size and overall business revenue.

Sharing data between PSA and CRM systems help to automate the quote-to-cash process. It provides full insights into the quoting process and account details. With this information, project information is directly accessible to CRM users. CRM users can easily view the current status of all projects without switching between systems.

ERP Software

Autotask seamlessly integrates with ERP software, which will enable you to keep track and report of financial transactions related to project management. You can accurately create financial reports that help to track the financial progress of projects.

Contact information in PSA can be automatically transferred to ERP to create invoices. With Autotask PSA-ERP integration, you can create invoices in the PSA itself. PS billing problems are likely to occur if ERP system is not integrated with PSA.

ERP integration with PSA provides an easy way to track days sales outstanding (DSO) for PS projects. When you are using a tightly integrated system, billing customers is an effortless activity.

Tax Compliance Solution

Autotask PSA can be tightly integrated with tax compliance systems such as Avalara. This will allow users to easily transfer sales tax information to PSA. All the detailed reports created in Avalara can be sent to Autotask PSA with a single click.

On the whole, there is little doubt that integrated systems make all the difference. Dealing with disparate systems is a nightmare that can lower business efficiency. Studies have shown that integrated technology solutions play a crucial role in the growth of business organizations. It is observed that the highest performing organizations use integrated systems to their maximum advantage.

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