Have you asked your kids their Sun Signs before buying them anything? It might sound crazy but it does not seem so. Taking the help of Horoscope and astrology is perhaps
the sure-shot way to know what exactly you should shop for your children. You can know their favorite colors and their favorite toys and so on and so forth.

As the school session has begun, all you parents must be busy ticking off the school checklist.

So, let’s take help of Astrology and Zodiac signs to sort out one thing among that checklist - a backpack, which at times gets quite difficult to select.


Red Backpack - An Aries kid is always full of energy and always on the go. They have a
love for all things sporty and adventurous. Their backpack should have a fiery tinge to it.
Red or maroon is their color. It will be a good symbol of their energy and will also make
them stand out.

Blue Backpack- Taurus kids have a penchant for all things beautiful. They would need a
backpack which is beautiful and of good quality. Blue is the color for them. For boys, it
could be a darker shade of blue such as navy blue and for girls it could be a pastel blue.
These kids love high-end stuff, so keep that in mind as well when you are selecting a
backpack for them.


Green Backpack - Gemini kids love things which are unique. Green is the perfect color
for their backpack. Moreover, they are talkative and bit inquisitive in nature and love to
know about the world. So, their bag should be big and functional enough to fit in all the
things that they need at school.

Purple Backpack - Kids with Cancer as their Zodiac sign are imaginative souls. They love
living in their own little world and are shy at times. A purple colored backpack is a
contrast to their shy nature and will keep them all energized at school. Moreover, it
should be a bag that should resemble more like a travel bag. They would love such a


Yellow Backpack - The bright, brilliant and vibrant persona of a Leo child will be
effectively matched by a yellow colored backpack. These kids love the spotlight and the
admiration and a yellow colored bright bag will give them just that. Moreover, they are
cheerful and happy-go-lucky kinda kids, so warm and lovely yellow is a perfect fit for


White-Grey Backpack - Virgo children love their books, their studies and their classes.
They would want a backpack which is practical and can fit all their school requirements.
A classic white-grey colored bag will do just fine for them. This bag should have many
compartments as Virgo kids love to organize their things well.

Pink Backpack - Kids with Libra as their Zodiac sign are highly creative. They love all
things beautiful and artistic. The color that they are attracted to most is pink. Whether it is
functional or not or has compartments or not, but it should look beautiful to the eyes.
Then only will your Libra kid carry this bag to school?


Red-Yellow Backpack- A Scorpio kid is a bold and courageous child. They always want
to be unique and are never afraid to make their statement. They do only what they love.
A perfect backpack for them will be a color combination of red and yellow. This bag is
going to be a perfect fit for them.


Metallic Violet Backpack - Sagittarius kids are extremely adventurous and exceptionally
curious. They are outspoken and have a shiny personality. A violet colored backpack
with a metallic tinge to it is the ideal bag as per their Zodiac sign. This backpack is for a
inquisitive and a dreamy mind such as a Sagittarius.


Black Backpack - Capricorn are one of the most serious people among all the Zodiacs.
They are perfectionists and born leaders. They like going by the rules and sticking to the
traditions. A classic black colored backpack is best for the classic Capricorn child. Plus it
should be practical enough for them to carry it to school.


Blue-Pink Backpack- Aquarius kids are adorable, fun and unique. They love doing things
that are out-of-league. A blue-pink colored backpack is stately, and different at the same
time. A quirky design on the same would be a big plus. Also, make sure that it has more
zips and compartments to carry snacks and food as Aquarius kids love to share their
food with their friends.


Lilac Backpack - Pisces kids are creative, artistic and really warm. The shade of Lilac will
suit their personality best. A Lilac colored backpack will be a perfect choice for these
children. It could have some floral design on it which is in a way reflective of the pleasing
personality of a Pisces.
Zodiac signs play a significant role in defining an individual’s personality. By way of
Astrology and Zodiac signs, it become easy to determine the major traits of anyone- be it
a child, man or woman.

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Content creation is her passion and profession. Kriti is an avid reader which basically inspired her to get into writing. She loves to read and know about almost everything under the Sun but Astrology and Zodiac Signs are something which intrigues her the most. Apart from spending time writing and reading, she loves exploring new places and getting to know different cultures.