What is Infant and what’s the difference between infant, newborn and baby? The babies from birth to the age of two months are called newborn whereas infants are the babies with an age of one year.

The infant mortality rate can be computed by the total number of deaths out of 1000 infants. This is the most challenging issue not just in the developing countries but also in the most developed nations. Many steps were taken by different counties during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Some of the countries have already discovered reasonable solutions for this problem. But in some of the nations, it is still one of the main issues that keep the nations away from development. Lack of medical facilities, poverty, lack of infrastructure and funds, and discriminations are the main things that are causing this problem. Plus, the infants catch diseases very quickly because of having weak immune system. Those diseases could be asphyxia, diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia and birth complications.

Countries that are in the list of nations with the highest rate of infant mortality(out of 1000 children)
Afghanistan (110.6)
Somalia (94.8)
The Central African Republic (86.3)
Guinea-Bissau (85.7)
Chad (85.7)
Niger (81.1)
Burkina Faso (72.2)
Nigeria (69.8)
Mali (69.5)
Sierra Leone (68.4)

In Afghanistan, the infant death rate is very high; it’s in the top of the list among countries with the highest percentage of infant mortality. It has a 110.6 per 1000 infants mortality rate. Absence of medical facilities is the main reason why the index is so high in this region. It is even worse in rural areas; therefore children do not get proper treatment; they suffer deadly diseases and eventually die. Women are also not treated with appropriate rights due to which they also lack adequate healthcare facilities. Moreover, most of the women have to give birth to a child at home and because of the unavailability of doctors women and newborn babies have to face terrible consequences which lead them to death.

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