They are known as "man's best friends" because they are very loving, faithful and intelligent animals, but it must be recognized that some are more than others. Discover smart small dogs the dog breeds that are smarter and smarter!

BORDER COLLIE, the smartest

Originally Border Collies were a breed that was dedicated to grazing, nowadays they are excellent companion animals and are the most intelligent breed of dogs. They live working, so they need to do something to make them happy: take them out to play and walk to run, exercise ... etc. to stay healthy. They are recognized for their speed, agility, and obedience. Training them is a real pleasure; They learn tricks and obedience very quickly. They are very loyal.

POODLE OR POODLE, bright little one

The Poodle or Poodle is at number 2 on the list. Make no mistake, this breed is absolutely brilliant. Used as hunting dogs and also as surveillance and rescue dogs. They love being around people and are very protective. They only weigh 5 kilos and are happy, playful and very active dogs. They are not easily distracted and are very responsive in training them. They are methodical, energetic and excellent with children, although if they are not properly trained and socialized they can be destructive.

PAPILLON , small louvers

They are awake, attentive, fast-reacting, and adorable-looking. The Papillon may be small but his understanding is so remarkable that he ranks as the eighth breed among the smartest dogs. He is very active and perfect for obeying orders, he learns quickly and adapts easily to life in a relatively small space, such as an apartment. These dogs are also considered as a symbol of elegance

GERMAN SHEPHERD, guardian and obedient

The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent, watchful and faithful dogs there is. They are also loving and protective dogs, they are very brave and used as rescue dogs, used in special bodies such as the police or the army. It is a breed capable of learning quickly and following instructions perfectly, yes, as a domestic dog it requires attention and exercise to stay in good condition.

GOLDEN RETRIEVER, playful and loving

The Golden Retriever can be confused with the farmer because they are similar. They are charming, precious and shiny. Famous for its obedience and its ability to learn new tricks, it is one of the breeds most used as a guide dog and to help people with disabilities, so it is also an animal with a stable and very faithful temperament. An ideal dog.

SHETLAND SHEEP, bright and precious

The Shetland Sheepdog is a very intelligent dog, so much, that many even claim that they are as intelligent as humans. These dogs originate from Scotland and are used to herd sheep. They come in larger and smaller sizes, are very energetic, and have very good hearing. They are very pretty, good guardians, faithful and loving; an excellent companion.

LABRADOR RETRIEVER, sociable and playful

Like its cousin the Golden Retriever, the Labrador is a friendly and adorable looking dog that turns out to be a perfect animal for rescue tasks and to guide and help people with disabilities. It is a great companion for children because it is fun and easy to learn commands or tricks. They need to exercise a lot because they tend to be obese frequently. Many of these dogs are used by law enforcement officers as bomb and drug detectors. They are definitely very smart.

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They are known as "man's best friends" because they are very loving, faithful and intelligent animals.