When the weather gets a bit colder, people start shifting their wardrobe to include warmer layers of clothing. So, why not take that same approach to your skincare routine. For better winter skin, you need to add an extra layer of protection and moisture to your daily skincare routine. Or you can take an extra step and get the best facial treatment in Richmond Hill from a professional.

The expert treatment can assist in shedding the damage summertime has caused your skin. Also, by shedding the outer layer of skin allows new cells to regenerate for a fresh fall glow. Many estheticians recommend getting professional treatment during the fall so that your skin can recover from summer and ease through the seasonal shift.
Today, there are several professional treatments available. Now, if you are thinking about which one is best for you around this time of the year, here are a few suggestions.
1. Chemical Peel:
• In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to your skin to slough off dead skin cells, accelerate cell turnover, and stimulate collagen production for smoother, brighter skin.

• It is best if you want to enhance the overall health of your complexion. Also, it is a great way to address multiple skin concerns at once.

• During the treatment, the professional will first cleanse your skin. Then, prep your skin with a solution, usually to neutralize the pH levels of your complexion. Although all peels are quite different, the expert will know what to use based on your skin concerns and needs. After the peel, the esthetician will apply soothing products to wrap up the treatment.

• The length of the appointment can vary, but it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.

2. Microdermabrasion
• It is a process in which upper layers of skin (stratum corneum) is removed using a crystal tipped or diamond device. This treatment helps accelerate cell turnover to even tone and smooth texture and stimulate collagen and elastin production to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

• Anyone can opt for this treatment because it can be customized according to your skin’s needs.

• The length of appointment varies depending on whether it is an add-on or not.

3. Microneedling
• In this process, the professional will puncture your skin with needles. It causes trauma and lesions to the skin to trigger your skin’s repair process and collagen production.

• It is a perfect option if you want to reverse the signs of aging, promote clarity, and enhance overall tone and texture.

• First, to ease discomfort, the esthetician may apply numbing cream. After the procedure, the skin is infused with serums and treatment creams to target your skin issues.

• The length of the appointment usually takes 40-60 minutes.
Now, whatever type of facial you select, according to your skin requirement, it is essential to be regular and enjoy the sessions with a relaxed feeling.

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