There are many kinds of food that you should prefer if you suffer from anxiety attacks or are riddled by panic.
First of all, be aware that the most important vitamins your body needs when it is anxious, are those of the Bgroup.
They all have a strong impact on your psyche, on your mental state and on your nervous system.
Don't forget that anxiety may be a normal reaction to stressful situations. It only becomes a problem if you feel it all day long or daily.
Then it is no longer a normal reaction but has become a habit. Your anxiety may become the fear of an anxiety attack.and so on and so forth.
Then it becomes an unwanted reaction and perpetuates itself. It has to come to an end. Otherwise you might harm yourself in your overal lhealth.
In any case, anxiety is not a good companion. A part from a healthy way of living, you need to give your body the vitamins that it needs to protect you against the negative effects of your anxiety.
The best vitamins are those of the B-group and I am going to show you why:

Every single vitamin of this group plays a particular part in maintaining your nervous system in good health.
Vitamin B1: It is also called thiamine. This vitamin improves your mood. It is important in keepng the heart and the nervous system run normally.
A lack of this vitamin can cause irritability. Sometimes it also influences the energy level.
Vitamin B2 is also called riboflavin. It is required by the body to produce anti-stress hormones. It also helps to release energy stored in food. Furthermore, it is needed for the metabolism of proteins.
Vitamin B3. Another name for this vitamin is niacin. Its deficiency causes mental instability. Anxiety and stress can cause skin-related problems. This vitamin provides a protection against skin-problems and inflammation.
Vitamin B5. Again, this vitamin helps the body produce anti-stress hormones.
As anxiety is strongly related to stress, the lack of these vitamins could cause your anxiety to show up more often.
Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine. It has a role in keeping your nervous system functioning properly. If you are lacking of a sufficient coverage of B6, you might experience anxiety or even depression. Insomnia is also related to its lack as is irritability.
Vitamin B12 is playing a big role in proividng the necessary brain chemicals that make you feel good. This vitamin is also essential for the production of red blood cells.
There exist two other types of vitamin B that are not yet taken into consideration and I therefore am not able to comment on.
You see, every single vitamin B is involved in the functioning of the nervous system which, on its part, is involved in the good mood or in irritability.
Most of these vitamins are available in their natural form. They can be found in the food. If you are a vegan,you have to take B12 as a supplement because this vitamin is mainly present in meat.or in other animal proteins. There are many sources for the whole group of B vitamins. They go from germs, to peanuts, to pork and brown rice for the B1, to milk, yoghurt, avocados, beef liver for the B2, from chicken, potatoes, sunflower seeds for B3, from eggs, avocados, nuts, green vegetables for the B5, from bananas, fish, chicken, seeds in general and cabbage for the vitamin B6 to alll animal protei9nms for the vitamin B12.
You can certainly cover your needs in vitamin B if you take into consideration the various food stuff available in your area. By eating the right food you can protect yourself from anxiety. Ifr you already suffer from anxiety, you can lessen its frequency or intensity by eating the appropriate food.

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I am a Swiss author and coach. I have written an ebook and co-authored a printed book. My aim is to help people overcome anxiety and similar issues and to find joy and peace. I am an instzructor of EFT, EmoTrance,Remap, Agegate Therapy and SpringForest QiGon. I provide customized coaching to help clients release limiting beliefs and achieve their dreams. I do this in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish. I can be reached through Skype or email at