Web hosting is a platform that provides site to organizations or individuals to locate web files and folders, which is further offered to web visitors in form of a website. To start a new website, you need a hosting company that can host it for you and web-hosting service can adhere to you need. All of your web data and information is stored on web server.

Web server is just like a super computer that provides information all over the World Wide Web. These servers are stacked up in a rack within a room or huge infrastructures (data center or server farm) depending on the server density. However, there are many other web-hosting options available that it can be confusing to make a decision. Dedicated hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, colocation, VPS hosting are some of the most popular hosting choices available. Aside from these, there are other web hosting alternatives such as:

Reseller web hosting: A web hosting company sells their products and services to another organization that further processes it to customers under their own tag as their own offerings. This type of web hosting is advantageous for those who want to startup their own web hosting business.

FTP Hosting: Hosted FTP services deliver top-notch security and server uptime guarantee than an in-house solution. Hosted FTP assures smooth flow of web operations that lets you download and upload files online without any disruptions.

WordPress Hosting: When you build a blog site or a website on WordPress, you need a hosting platform that can host your website. You can choose between cloud server hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting or virtual hosting, depending on your requirements.

File and image hosting: In this type of hosting, you cannot locate your entire website on the server, but files and images. This includes documentations, video files, images, and such related data. This hosting is reliable for those who own many important files, images and documents. It is a safe, secured option with the flexibility of accessing it whenever required.

Blog hosting: Blog host is a platform that allows you to store your blogs on the server space provided to you by the hosting company. You can either choose to host your blog on the blogging software offered by software provider or go for third party hosting company. Blog hosting is cost-effective choice when compared with standard hosting.

Each web hosting are unique in terms of performance, characteristics, price and other aspects, yet they all serve one purpose. The information provided can assist you in choosing the right hosting platform for your hosting purpose.

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