Hoverkarts and hoverboards are on the trend. These tech toys are also the desire of many hearts. Hoverkarts are an excellent option to choose over hoverboards when looking for the compatibility. Let's see which Hovercarts are compatible with the Zinc Smart X hoverboard Argos. Before that let's have looked over some of its features.
Zinc Smart X hoverboard Argos
This hoverboard by Zinc has a brilliant and appealing look. It has bright led lights at its front. The product uses lithium battery for safe nature use. You can reach the maximum speed of 7.5 mhp and can go on to 20kms at one go with this gadget. It can climb up to the inclination of 15 degrees and can bear the weight up to 120 kg. The charges very fast just in 3 hours max. This is a pre-assembled product one would love to have. The product also has Bluetooth connectivity.
The pricing of this product is £249.99
Now let's talk about the products which are alternative to this if you have a lower budget and can compromise on some features which will not affect you that much.
Zinc smart R hoverboard
This one is also by the Zinc which has launched this at a lower price than the previous one. This one does not have led at its front but is still decent looking. This one even has a higher speed of 8 mhp but can run up to just 5 km in one go. However, this can be negotiated as hoverboards are used on private properties and highways. This one also has lithium energy as green energy and even come with the fast charge 3 hours facility.
The pricing of this product is £199.99
This one is a stylish, rugged design. It is also light in weight and has a sleek design. It can bear the load up to 120 kg, and you go 10-15 km in one go. It has a very fast charge time of just 2 hours. This one does not have the Bluetooth connectivity, but it can be negotiated.
The price is £219.99
Well choosing a hoverkart for hoverboard is not a bad option at all. Plus, you don't have to stand all the time as in the case of the hoverboard.
Now let's have a look at its configuration:
This a transformable gadget. You can transform it into a gokart from segway hoverboard. It has an adjustable lag frame length. It has suspension arms and springs which makes it a good shock absorber. Also, the sporty racing seat is something one can call cherry on the top. It comes with the wonderful facility of Bluetooth connectivity.
The pricing of this product is £129.99. Happy shopping!

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The pricing of this product is £129.99. Happy shopping!