I have always had long hair and never had it above shoulder length. It has been cut in long layers and never below waist length. This is just I. I am not against short hair; it is a personal decision. An acquaintance of mine, that has always has long hair, recently got her hair cut quite short. She had not told her significant other, and was concerned what his opinion would be. Her stylist, that assisted in choosing her hairstyle, was influenced with new age concepts and philosophies, and used that perspective as she cut my acquaintance’s hair. She desired short hair, but was reluctant to have it cut over her ears and leave her forehead exposed. When done, her hair was cute. I was interested in the reasoning given to her by the stylist. The stylist based her reasoning on kundalini energy, chakra, and the benefits her hair cut would bring to her. Interestingly, my friend verified this result. An inquiry on the interaction of kundalini energy, chakra, and short hair versus long hair, leads to some interesting perspective if you are considering going from long to short hair or beginning to let your hair grow longer.

The Sanskrit word, kundalini, means coiled like a snake. Kundalini is an energy that exists in everyone’s body, usually in a dormant state. Kundalini energy is not recognized by medical science, but is mentioned extensively in the literature of Yoga and Tantra (both Buddhist and Hindu).

There are three aspects to Kundalini and any one of them may rise up the spine. There is the Kundalini force circulating around the meridian nerves;there is the kundalini force manifesting as sexual energy; and the true kundalini at the base of the spine.

There is an interaction between this kundalini sexual energy and chakras. The word chakra means wheel or disk in Sanskrit, and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. Reviewing the seven chakras, when the mind is attached to worldliness, consciousness dwells in the three lower centers. Then there are no high ideals and pure thoughts. The mind may be filled with lust and greed. As the energy rises to the fourth centre, the heart or Anahata chakra, a spiritual awakening takes places. At this stage the heart is flowering with love. When the fifth and sixth chakra (throat and eyebrow) are awakened, the mind becomes free of ignorance and all information is available to him. Finally, when the energy reaches the crown chakra on top of the head, the person experiences Samadhi. Samadhi is a state where consciousness experiences its oneness with God.

When you are sexually aroused, the Kundalini energy is activated. It reaches the spine, and as it approaches the brain, the sexual feelings become stronger and stronger, At this point, in most people, the energy reverses and takes a downward course seeking release through the genitals. When you relax and open up during sexual stimulation, changes first take place in the etheric body. The Kundalini energy, which is coiled up like a snake at the base of the spine in the root chakra, starts to rise to higher levels passing through the chakras. Since Kundalini is the energy circuit in the etheric body (much as the blood vessels are the energy circuit in the traditional human body) the changes in energy initially take place in the etheric or emotional body.

Referring to the tie-in between kundalini sexual energy and the choice of hair length or style, the word “kundalini” literally means. “the curl of the lock of the hair of the beloved.” Further, the word “kundal” with the female ending “ini” means the coil in the hair of the beloved.”, and is a reference to the long hair of the adepts, in yoga, coiled on top of the head in a “bun.”

It has been shown that the hair is alive and has an energy function. My friend’s hairstyle had bangs, but they were shorter in the center and longer on the sides. Her stylist recommended this. It seems the forehead consists of porous bone which allows light to pass through it and stimulate the light sensitive pituitary gland. The pituitary is the master gland, which regulates all other glands. If enough light does not stimulate it, a lack of glandular secretion can result including the “feel-goods” dopamine, seratonin and melatonin. Therefore keeping this area of the forehead clear (having the hair up or not wearing bangs) can help with these hormone levels.

As if often the case with short hair, the cut was above the back of her neck. It has been expressed that the back of the neck is by far the most powerful place to touch a woman in a non-erogenous are. There is a hardwired biological reflex to being touched or held at the back of the neck. Taking a look at the animal kingdom, most animals hold and carry their offspring by the back of the neck. It stirs a primal feeling of being owned or dominated. One way her boyfriend could arouse the kundalini energy is to lightly kiss the base of the neck. This is guaranteed to make a body quiver in anticipation of the next move. Since I favor longhair, my date or boyfriend, would have to clasp a bundle of hair at the base of my neck. The response would be the same.

Another feature of her hair was it was cut above her ears with no sideburns. There are nine highly sensitive areas for a woman, which are referred to as moon centers. The ears are one of these centers, and they are the one of the most sensitive moon areas. These centers can be touched utilizing any technique that is wished. This rises the aura in a woman.

Advantages of keeping your hair in a longer style are it has been scientifically proven that people who have long hair tend to be less tired, more energetic, and less likely to become depressed. In addition, from a yogi perspective, long hair helps raise the Kundalini energy that increases tranquility, vitality and intuition.

You can style long hair by putting the hair up during the day to help absorb solar energy. This is the advantage for short hair, also. However, with longer hair, you can braid it keeping it down at night to absorb lunar energy that helps balance out the electromagnetic field from the day’s activities. An excellent way to energize your aura and brain cells, and stimulate the pineal gland in the center of the brain is by putting up the hair in a “Rishi knot.” In India, a Rishi is a wise one who coils his or her hair up. The activation of the pineal results in a secretion that is central to the development of heightened perception.

Balancing these choices is a ying/yang perspective. Overall, the hair regulates the inflow of sun energy into the body system. To let the solar energy flow without obstruction, let the hair grow to a length that you are comfortable with, and take good care of it. If this is done, the amount of energy that goes downward from the 7th chakra increases tremendously. The kundalini energy is activated by the radiant force of the solar plexus and moves upward in response to the solar energy coming down. This balances the body and maintains total equilibrium.

Sexual energy is the force that assists man to raise his consciousness to a higher state. Following up with her a week or so later after she had told her significant other, he admittedly liked the style and the added benefits. I really cannot blame my friend for her choice of hairstyle, it is summer and the weather is hot. I, however will simply be seen wearing a lot of ponytails and updos this summer. Hot or knot, my sexual, kundalini energy will also continue to be rising.

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Starbrite A. Sparkles is a writer and researcher in the paranormal and consciousness realm with a special emphasis and interest in UFOlogy. Writing both fiction and nonfiction, she endeavors to gain knowledge and convey that with a unique twist of creativity to her readers.

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