A good smile is a sign of good health, and you also know that having healthy teeth is an important part of life. We can't have a good smile until you don't have any problem with your teeth. If you also want a good and better smile then you should go to the orthodontist. Orthodontist Twyford is available at the best prices who can give you your best smile.

What is the Orthodontist?

Orthodontics is a dental specialist who specializes in straightening teeth to filling gaps between teeth and your bad bites. As we know that not every person has perfect teeth and straight teeth.

An orthodontist has a specialization in Dental prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for straightening your teeth. And it's not just because of tooth decay or pain, It also depends on the structure of the teeth because even if your teeth are not straight or you have problems with your gums and jaw, you cannot consider yourself healthy. You can contact an orthodontist Twyford
for a better smile.

What does an Orthodontist do?

Orthodontists treat the abnormalities of the teeth so that you can have a better smile. Orthodontists use braces, removal dental for Giving you a healthy and happy smile. The most important job of an orthodontist is to solve the problem of eating and biting of his patients. Because only when this problem is not there, people feel that they are healthy and they can chew and speak well.

What is the Difference between Orthodontist and Dentist?

Both orthodontists and dentists are specialists of teeth and the job of both of them is to fix the teeth of the people, But both of them work very differently, so let's discuss here what is the difference between orthodontists and dentists.


1. Orthodontists correct the wrong structure of your teeth and also treat them.

2. Orthodontists are experts in your facial growth and dental development.

3. Orthodontists can fix your teeth at any age whether you are a child or an adult.

4. Orthodontists can also correct the gap between your teeth or crooked teeth.

5. Apart from the degree of General Dentist, they also completed 3 years of training to become an orthodontist.


A general dentist who treats all your types of dental diseases can cure all the diseases and problems related to your teeth and jaws.

Dentists are the experts in any type of dental problem.
Dentists can also treat any type of disease of your teeth at any age, whether it is tooth decay or toothache.

The dentist has obtained a General Dental degree, he would not have obtained any other degree above it.

Which is better: orthodontist or dentist?

It would be very wrong to say who is better orthodontist and dentist because both of them are experts in their respective works. The orthodontist has acquired a specialist degree, due to which he has a little more knowledge than the dentist But the Dentist has also acquired good knowledge about his work. They both are specialists in mouth treatment.

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