We always heard buy gold it makes you a profit, but have you ever thought about silver trading. May be silver is not as expensive as gold, but it will also bring profit if we trade wisely its trading also comes under MCX just like gold trading for this trading also you will have to trade in lots.

Silver has tripled in prices where gold has doubled only in some moves silver four times whereas gold doubled
Apart from it it takes less money than gold trading and its lots size is 30.

Silver is not only precious metal,but it has also found many other application also like, glass, electric conductors mobile handsets, computers etc. Silver has many special features as a commodity. Firstly it has a huge array of industrial uses.

It can be used as a electrical components in computers and household appliances such as washing machines.

It’s used in nearly every major industry, from electronics and medical applications to batteries and solar panels. Silver is everywhere, whether you see it or not.
At present mexico is the biggest producer in the silver market produces almost 15% of supply
apart from it peru, australia and china are also there we should know only 25% of silver comes from silver mines and the rest is made from scrap.

Silver is also used for eatable items like sweets, because silver kills bacteria
There are some reasons to Invest in Silver are as follows

• Firstly silver produces a greater percentage increases during .
• Silver may not be any currency but still its importance is not less than a currency.
• As we know silver is cheaper than gold so it is easy to buy for many poor people also he or she also can trade in silver .
• Silver is more useful than gold if we talk about daily uses.
• The demand of silver is increasing day by day.

Demand for Silver Bars and Silver Coins
Global demand for silver bars and silver coins has exploded since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008 and shows no signs of slowing down. This trend is being driven by savers and investors moving into tangible assets such as precious metals, which are seen as safe havens and stores of value. According to the World Silver Survey produced by Thomson Reuters GFMS, demand for silver bars and silver coins total led 1,740 tonnes in 2007. By 2015, the comparable figure was 9,082 tonnes comprising of 4,914 tonnes in physical silver bars and 4,168 tonnes in silver coins and medals.
If you are looking for easy ways to trade. Than commodity trading could be the right platform for you. Here you can buy small quantities of these metals in physical format by using this online trading platform for bullion
Is it Essential to take the delivery of commodity products?
The commodity exchanges gives you the option to settle your trade either with cash or with a mechanism. If u want your contract to be cash settled. You will have to let them know at the time of placing the order that you don't want to intend physically deliver the item. If you need physical delivery you need to have the required receipts. You can switch between the options to settle the trading in cash or through delivery as many times as you want.

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