Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is one of the toughest competitive examinations that require extreme dedication and knowledge to pass. The main objective of conducting this examination is to recruit eligible assistant state level candidates. One should have deep knowledge of each subject to appear in the examination without any examination.

Making notes for any exam is very important for cracking it and scoring high grades. And obviously, if students prepare notes for SSE, it will definitely help them to revise the whole syllabus in short duration. Plus, making the perfect and systematic MPPSC notes simplify the difficult topics. It’s next to impossible to revise all the textbooks a night before the exams. So, in that case, making short notes is really a sigh of relief. Another good thing about making notes is students can study the whole syllabus in lesser words jotting down the relevant and important points in short.

Guide For Making Self Short MPPSC Notes

You might have listened so many times from your guide, teachers, and seniors that making small notes is very helpful and important. Yeah! Even we agree. But the real problem is how to prepare notes in a concise and reader-friendly manner. Before we move on to know the step-by-step guide on making of notes, take these tips.

  • Students can even make mppsc short notes for appearing in the interview. Before the interview, students can go through these short MPPSC notes to quickly read and remind themselves of the important things to do.
  • Students should make separate mppsc notes for Prelims and mains. This is because, in the prelims exam, the topics covered is precise while in the mains exams extensively all the syllabus must be covered.

Digital Notes For MPPSC Exam

  • The world today is digitalized. Everyone makes use of a smartphone and there could be no better use of these smartphones than making digital MPPSC notes. There are several apps available today like Evernote, Notepad, etc. that you can make use of to prepare MPPSC notes.
  • Digital notes are easier and handier. Finding any text is just a matter of second which is not that easy in physical notebooks.


Here are tips that will help you prepare a good mppsc notes for revision

  1. Write down all important terminologies, definitions, step-wise explanations to make your study notes more useful.
  2. Your handwritten study notes should be clear and concise to make it easily readable in future.
  3. Always carry a pen and paper to the classroom so that you can note down all the important points mentioned by your teacher.
  4. Write down all the jargons, terminologies, important definitions, and their meaning/explanations for quick reference.
  5. When you study your coursebook, guide or even on the internet, first understand the concept and then write down the important ideas you learned from it in a separate notebook to prepare your study notes.


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