Love relationships are the most beautiful relations. And even it is the immense feeling. But if in case these smooth going relationship sudden at a point faces a lot of issues. Then getting recover from all the issues is really the most difficult thing. But do you know that what the reason behind these love relationships issues is. As there are planetary positions in your and your lover kundli. Due to which complications can arise in it. And if you want to get recover from all the issues. Then you must have to perform the astrological remedies.
Which planet is responsible for the attraction?
As the planet Venus plays a main role in the love relationships or love marriages in the kundli of the men. But on the other hand mars and Jupiter are those planets which are responsible for love in the kundli of women. And if these planets are not governed properly and does not placed in their accurate positions. Then it is so sure that your love relationship starts falling and face a lot of issues in it.

Which planet are responsible for the issues like extramarital affair of the lover?

Venus is the only planet that is responsible for bringing love, romance, affection and beauty into the relationship. And if in case this planets gets combined with the rahu and mars that us for aggression and fights into the relationship. Then it can change all the love positions. And your partners suddenly starts losing interest in you and involve in an extramarital affair. Thus, it can be one of the reason because of love relationship have to face a lot of issues.

What are the astrological remedy to get recover from the love relationship issues?

If you want to recover your relationship again from all the issues and the problems. Then you can possible be able to do so. As you perform some of the astrological remedies. These remedies actually change the positions of the planets and brings the love, care, affection and understanding towards each other back into the relationship. Thus, the remedies that you have to perform are mention here as in the following manner:
• The first and foremost thing that you must have to do is you should always keep the south east direction of your home clean and tidy.
• The other one is you can also worship the lord shiv by going to shiv temple daily. And do his aradhana by chanting the shiv mantra. || Om namohshivaya ||
• Keep the fast for 16 consecutive Mondays.
• And also make sure of one more thing that you have to do jalabhishek when you keep fast and go to shiv temple.
• Wear the clothes that day complete like Mata parvati.
• And also tie one knot between the murti of the lord shiv and goddess parvati.
• Along with this you also have to wear yellow clothes on Thursdays and white clothes on Fridays.
• And also offer sweets and clothes to the needy and the poor people.

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