Silver fashion jewelry has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years. As the market for gold has dwindled slightly with the high prices and the recent economic turmoil, it only makes sense that silver would be the more prized choice for people's jewelry needs. Considering that gold is often thought of as either tacky or downright gaudy, silver's more refined nature has garnered it a renewed reputation and a prized place within the jewelry world over the past few years. While wearing gold says good things about you, wearing silver says even more of them.

However, not all kinds of silver that is made into jewelry is created equally. While some of these types of jewelry are very appreciated, some kinds either do not look right or simply are not that fashionable in 2012. For example, subtlety is actually out for once.

The general rule when it comes to women's fashions is that less is more. However, in the context of 2012 and its bold statements, the larger the better, particularly when it comes to silver jewelry. While clean lines continue to rule the day and gem stones are definitely in season, massive pieces by normal standards have become the things to wear of late. A woman's necklace is now permitted to be beyond both the normal size range and even large enough to dominate the area above her bust.

Also in is individual craftsmanship. While professional designers are always going to be en vogue, a trend emerging from middle eastern countries such as Pakistan and India is the heavy use of hand formed elements. These are the kinds of crafts that many children learn in summer camp and that nearly individual can practice using only basic tools. The raw look and attention to detail that such pieces summon to mind are valued as a countercultural statement against how nearly every product in this day and age seems to have been made perfectly by a machine. In an age where the only commodity that is not being sold on store shelves is genuine individuality, this is quite appealing to a lot of people.

Another trend which has emerged in earnest lately is that of extremely bright colors. At the same time as large sizes in silver have become exceedingly popular, so too has the integration of numerous colored stones to mix up the pieces visually. These are intended to dazzle, and they rarely fail to perform on this desire.

As a general rule, 2012 is rapidly becoming an age of attention getting at any cost and the extreme use of size and color toward that end. As every material known to mankind comes together and designers really let out the throttle, the design aesthetics that used to guide bracelets, necklaces and earrings are largely being put on the proverbial shelf in favor of big and bold. In this case, the refined beauty of silver is acting as a restraint to keep things in the fashion world from getting too out of hand.

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