Though meditation is an old tradition, it is still considered as the best way to stay calm all over the world. Due to increasing stress and busy schedules, a person is not able to concentrate on his or her important roles and responsibilities. Therefore, meditation can help you out in concentrating on the essential tasks. Meditation has been in practice for last many centuries and this is the reason that the meditation is gaining a lot of popularity. Since there is no wrong way to meditate, but there are different types of meditation that you should know about. Before you start meditating, you need to learn types of meditation and find which one is right for you.

Here are the most popular types of meditation you should know about:

Spiritual meditation:
Mainly perfumed in Eastern religions, like Christian, Hinduism, and Daosim, spiritual meditation is a kind of prayer that is done to get deeply connected with the universe or God. You can practice this type of meditation either at home or at some temple. It is mainly valuable for those who look for the spiritual growth.

Reflective meditation:
Also called as analytical meditation, this meditation allows you to choose a specific theme or topic you want to concentrate on. To perform this kind of meditation, you first need to learn to practice the concentration meditation. When you start practicing this type of meditation on the regular basis, your mind can help to be in control always.

Mindfulness meditation:
Originated from the teachings of Lord Buddha, this kind of meditation has gained a lot of popularity in the West. In this kind of meditation, you are required to pay attention towards the thoughts that run through your mind. You do not need to get involved in those thoughts at all, rather you need to analyse and take a note whether whatever you are thinking is relevant or not. It is mainly beneficial for those who suffer from depression or anxiety.

Heart-centered meditation:
Practice heart-centered meditation if you want to get rid of all types of sadness and fears and to transform those fears into compassion and love. Performing this kind of meditation time to time can help you in healing not just your heart, but others as well. Practising this meditation can help you in getting rid of all kind of negativity. To perform this meditation, ensure to sit at some quiet place where you could focus on your heart when exhaling and inhaling.

Mantra meditation:
Mantra meditation is quite popular in various religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. In this type of meditation, a phrase or a word is used repetitively to clear the mind. For example, many Hindus recite “Om” while practising mantra meditation. No matter whether you chant the mantra quietly or loudly, you need to forget everything else while reciting the mantra.

Creative meditation:
Creative meditation is a kind of meditation that allows you to strengthen as well as nurture different qualities of your mind. This type of meditation is helpful for those who focus on enhancing qualities such as joy, patience, love, compassion, fearlessness, gratitude, and much more.

Vipassana meditation:
Also termed as insight meditation, Vipassana focuses on the awareness of the breath. This type of meditation makes it possible for you to label the experiences and thoughts as soon as they arise. It is actually beneficial for those who wish to practice meditation in a completely secular context.

Whether you are stressed, depressed, distracted from your goal or wish to achieve awareness, meditation can benefit you in a number of ways. Read this article to learn types of meditation that can help you in knowing the right kind of meditation for you.

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